Cannibal Spell for King Unis 2325 B.C.

This work is one of the earliest long Egyptian texts and was found inside a king’s sealed death pyramid. The text tells of the king taking on the role of creator god in a never-ending cycle. This text may have been recited during the burial ceremony along with an animal sacrifice.

[Summary in my own words except for the quotes]

All the world pauses for the death of King Unis. He is powerful, even more powerful than his creators. Unis wears his headdress and is still vital and powerful. He grows in power by eating other gods. He is effective. Unis has gone up into the sky. The sky gods are now working his case. Unis can devour all and has many helpers in his quest. Unis eats the magic of the gods and those in the sky serve him. Both skies serve him and both shores serve him. “Unis is the most controlling power, who controls the controlling powers; Unis is the sacred image who is most sacred of sacred images…” He is now in his proper place in front of all privileged ones. He is the most senior of the senior gods. He is the crowned lord of all controlling powers. He has acquired the hearts of the gods. Their magic is now in his belly. “…he has swallowed the Perception of every god [and] eternity is his limit…” Unis is now set and apparent. “Those who do (evil) deeds will not be able to hack up the place of Unis’s heart among the living in this world forever continually.”

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