I go by the handle TattooedProfessor because that is what I am. I am sure it is easy to put together my true identity if one were to perform the most cursory of searches. Not only am I interested in collecting my reading and teaching notes in one location, I am transcribing my journals into a more durable format. To transcribe one’s journals is a very personal and anxiety-provoking proposition. In this day of MeToo and women stepping forward to tell their true stories, I feel journal sharing is timely and relevant. How do girls grow up in America? How did the 1970s-2000s shape a woman in the South? What were the lies we told ourselves and how many were the comforts we allowed others in the sacrifice of ourselves? The journals come unedited and unadorned. I will make the most basic of punctuation changes when called for. Otherwise, feel free to use my teaching notes to help you in class or to teach a class yourself.