1980: (AGE 13)

Jan. 1

Jody spent the night. We stayed up til 7:30a. She slept all day. We fixed breakfast for Mom and Dad. Bummer.

Jan. 2

Great day back. At least Tim came up to talk. Jeff is starting to flirt again. Just as well.

Jan. 3

Butch Fry is my best friend (besides Jo). Got mad at her today. Did horrible at B-ball practice.

Jan. 4

Good luck! We got tickets to the Eagles concert!!! Feb. 2. Mom, Keith, Betty and I.

Jan. 5

I got a cold. I’m coughing. But still–I look as great as ever!

Jan. 6

Did nothin’ today but watch tv. Literally. I don’t feel good. I hope I can stay home tomorrow.

Jan. 7

Didn’t stay home, but I still had a good day. Jeff Taylor is starting to flirt again.

Jan. 8

Jeff and I are communicating again. I think that’s good.

Jan. 9

New teach stinks. After Mr. Nichols left it all went down hill. Mrs. Plumlee is her name.

Jan. 10

Jody B. sure was flirtin’ today sayin’ I am sexy and I love you. He’s a great lie.

Jan. 11

We played Graham Heights. Kathy Marshall is on their team. They beat us 17 to 5! I wasn’t as embarrassed as I thought I’d be.

Jan. 12

Spent the night with Betty. We had fun. She has a disco ball that’s really far out!!

Jan. 13

Very interesting day. I listened to Casey’s Countdown while I cleaned up my room. Boy, did I!!

Jan. 14

We won our basketball game 13 to 30!! Practice really helps. Cracked my fingernail bad though.

Jan. 15

Social studies, science and math exams today. Easy as punkin’ pie I’m proud to say.

Jan. 16

I’m using the “ignore” treatment on Tim! It’s working! Instead of me coming to him he comes to me to make convo.

Jan. 17

Jody told Mrs. Plumlee off good today. She went to the office “refusing to take her licks.” She got 2 of ‘em!

Jan. 18

Now Tim, Jeff and Jody just can’t stay away.

Jan. 19

I was late for basketball practice, but I had fun. Played a scrimmage game against Coach Sauls! We lost.

Jan. 20

At the game Tim asked me to sit by him. Of course Kim and Pam were close by–very close. Jerry Manley asked to take me home.

Jan. 21

Met a new guy: Paul Guy. He is cute. Not as cute as Tim, but cute. The basketball team won (‘cause of Tim). I love it.

Jan. 22

We lost, but I had a lot of fun playing. I played the whole game. Coach said he’s gonna make a player out of me yet. Hope so.

Jan. 23

Good day. All guys flirting. Kathy said she was gonna come over then she left after school before I could get to her.

Jan. 24

New guy named Paul Guy walked into my life! Blonde hair, braces. Cute. We held hands for a second.

Jan. 25

Tim got kicked off the basketball team and suspended for almost hitting a teacher.

Jan. 26

Went skating and met Kathy Marshall and Nessi McKenzie there. We get along pretty good now. We play them next Thursday.

Jan. 27

Found out Paul is at least old enough for a letterman’s jacket and a football ring. I’m gonna try to get ‘em.

[It appears these objects are more important that the person wearing them.]

Jan. 28

No school. It snowed. We’ll probably got tomorrow. I want to see Paul.

Jan. 29

Craig Tucker called me today! Right out of the blue. He said he called Jo and she couldn’t believe it was him.

Jan. 30

Went to the basketball game and boy am I glad. At first it wasn’t good, but then Jerry came and I asked him to take me

Jan. 31

home and we went riding around. Then we parked. He said he wanted to know how I frenched–he found out.

Feb. 1

We got down in his car. He fingered me a few short times. I was glad. I handled it well (thank god). Jerry is nice.

[Transcribing this as a fifty year old woman makes my stomach kind of sick. I can see all these males swarming and me constantly attempting to capture attention. I don’t recall Jerry at all and before a few entries ago, he wasn’t even on the playing field. Why do I reassure myself that I “handled it well”? Do I feel that is the mature route? Am I trying to act like a woman? Am I trying to normalize this behavior? It IS normal, by the way… I would just hope it would be with someone for whom I really felt an affinity.]

Feb. 2

Eagles concert was the greatest!! Betty and I screamed our hearts out. Timothy B. Schmitt was gorgeous!!!

Feb. 3

I kept thinking about the concert today and wore my T-shirt to the mall. A lot of people noticed. I love ‘em!

Feb. 4

For some reason Jerry isn’t talking much. Babysat. Kim called me and said Paul wanted me to come to the B-ball game.

Feb. 5

Jerry coming around. Passed science test with flying colors. Ha ha in Stanford’s eye.

Feb. 6

Got in trouble for jackin’ around with Jody B. Stanford jumped all over my case. Kim Mullen sure is bugging in on

Feb. 7

Missy’s birthday. Found out why Jerry hasn’t been talking. The love of his life is moving back to Memphis. Concentrating on Paul now.

Feb. 8

Didn’t go to school or the disco. Got snowed out. Maybe tomorrow will go to the disco.

Feb. 9

You’ll never guess who I saw at Little Ernie’s: Timmy McDaniels! Also Teresa R., Ronnie B., Terry F., and Chris H. Not too crowded.

Feb. 10

Jodie spent the night last night. Was gonna buy “Rapper’s Delight” but only comes in a 12 inch.

Feb. 11

Jerry offered to take me home, but my mom drove up just in time…or did she spoil it?

Feb. 12

B-ball practice. Our tournament is next week. I still love Paul!!

Feb. 13

GOOD day. Everybody flirted! A man followed me home. Same one from Friday. Man.

[Off and on for at least two years, a man would follow me as I walked home from school. The route was about 3-4 blocks. He would drive by in his car, slow down, and look at me. He’d drive by, round the block, then drive by again. I was never oblivious to his strategy. I can’t remember when I told my parents. One day there happened to be the perfect timing of events. I was right in front of my house as he was passing and my mom was backing out of the drive way. I hopped in the car and said, “That’s him! That’s the the man who has been following me!” We followed him, got his license plate and turned off before he got on the highway. The police came to visit and took the information. I never saw that man again.]

Feb. 14

We played Graham Heights today. There is this guy that goes there–Tony [Harrelson]. He knew me somehow and boy am I glad! My God he’s

Feb. 15

good looking! Gave him my number. He hasn’t called yet though. We met on Valentine’s! Foxy!!!

Feb. 16

Went to Lil’ Ernie’s. Met Tim McDaniels there. He just came up and hugged me. We talked. We entered the kissing contest! He gave me two hickies. No word about it yet!

Feb. 17

Tim called. Friday Tony called! Right before my date with Johnny. Right before his horseback riding escapade.

Feb. 18

Tony is gonna take me to Lil’ Ernie’s Friday night! You know he has a green limousine. I love him.

Feb. 19

I invited Tony to come over and watch tv. Weird date, but he said it’s okay as long as he just gets to see me.

Feb. 20

Tony came! We watched tv. We were sitting on the couch. I was laying against him. He said thanks and that he like me a lot!

Feb. 21

Tony came over. Good days are here. He’s a whole head taller than me. It took some talkin’ to go to Lil’ Ernie’s, but we’re going.

Feb. 22

Tony took me to Lil’ Ernie’s and you’ll never believe! He asked me to go with him! Yeeeehaaa. Angie got higher than a kite.

Feb. 23

Spent the day in solitude only because I wanted to. Tony said he nearly went crazy. Banquet with Charlie was great.

Feb. 24

Tony walked me home from school. He got suspended because his hair was too long. He got it cut now.

Feb. 25

Tony got suspended again for being accused by this teacher for doing some fool thing. Anyway!

Feb. 26

I begged Tony to go to the hospital for his nose, but noooooooo. He got a job in a restaurant.

Feb. 27

Tony came over. I was watching tv when he came and he almost told me off and left. But we made up.

Feb. 28

Tony finally said “I love you.” I was just wondering when he was gonna say it.

Feb. 29

Tony took me to see The Rose. It was good. He fell asleep, but only because he’s seen it too many times.

Mar. 1

His brother Mike works at the Malco so he can get in free. LUCKY MAN.

Mar. 2

Tony likes me with my glasses off. He says I can kiss good too. He says I’m sweet, mature and cute.

Mar. 3

Tony’s birthday. He came over. I wanted to make it really special but it was a little less than mediocre.

Mar. 4

Very unloving convo with Tony. Called Johnny Roberts quite by mistake. Nice.

Mar. 5

Tony and I fought over the phone because I didn’t want to go out. Right in the middle of the fight he said, “I love you.”

Mar. 6

Skating party. I didn’t fall once and looking good! Had a blast. Jodie B. and Jeff T. and I are friends again.

Mar. 7

Tony and I got in a fight and I was going skating with Sherry, but NO. He wanted me to stay home with him. Of course I did!

Mar. 8

Went skating and had a blast! Got into it with Kathy Mar. and Neesi Mc. Neesi threw one to the stomach and I knocked her down.

Mar. 9

Tony gets paid Saturday and we’re going to go to the mall and buy him a whole new wardrobe. Jeans!

Mar. 10

Got tickets to the Cheap Trick concert! Yahoo! I’m going with Betty. Just us. April 3rd. Can’t wait.

Mar. 11

Do you know that I know Jimmy Buffet’s drummer’s older brother’s friend? I’m practically famous.

Mar. 12

Went cruising around with Tony and Steve. Went to Steve’s house. There were six guys there and me! Had a blast.

[If this is the time I’m remembering, there were no parents anywhere in the picture. When I walked into the house there was a pile of weed and rolling papers on the coffee table. After hanging out a while I was asked to roll some joints. I’d never been taught, so didn’t know how. Tony had also prepared this scenario because at some point all the guys left so we could be alone. We rolled around in the bedroom a while but I can’t recall exactly what we did. I believe our clothes stayed on. I heard at least one of the guys ask Tony if anything had happened while they were gone. This was all planned.]

Mar. 13

Stayed home today. Got sick. Not bad sick, but enough! Tony called but I didn’t talk to him.

Mar. 14

Missy spent the night. Daddy and Keith went to the flea market so we went walking around the shopping center and bought some coke and grapes.

Mar. 15

Just out messing around. Went to Lil’ Ernie’s. Danced with Jeff Nix and kissed him two times. I’m a two timer! Naw, he’s just a friend.

Mar. 16

Mom is out of town and won’t be back til Wed. Tony was supposed to come over but didn’t. He called at 10:30 but I didn’t get to talk.

Mar. 17

Tony didn’t get to come over because he had to go to work. He didn’t call me and when he did he was

Mar. 18

so scared I was gonna be mad as hell at him, but I wasn’t. I was worried.

Mar. 19

Joined the softball team. I like it so far.

Mar. 20

Steve (Harvey) got hurt at work today. Spent the night with Kat. Saw Bill May.

Mar. 21

Last night went to my 1st pot party! Had a blast. I didn’t drink or smoke nothin’, but Coke and potato chips. FUN!

Mar. 22

Man, I keep thinking about that party. It was so fun. I bet Tim has second thoughts about me now!

[Certain features of this party are still memorable. Again, no parents that I could see. The party had a very seventies vibe. Jeans, smoke, rock music on the stereo. I went there with a girl named Virginia and I had asked to borrow her hat. Something about this hat fit my head and my style perfectly. It was like I was made for this hat and vice versa. While walking around looking at everyone having fun, I saw Tim House. Even though I’d always had a crush on him I tried to play it cool. I remember sitting cross legged on the floor with everyone else who was doing so as a joint came around. I can’t believe I haven’t said anything about smoking pot before. I felt Tim might have second thoughts because he’d seen me at an “adult” party looking so good. After the party, Virginia wanted her hat back because she’d seen it as such a hit.]

Mar. 23

Tony came over. We watched Smokey and the Bandit. Pretty good time.

Mar. 24

This morning Jeff Turner was coming on strong! Don’t know why. Ronny Cook seems to have interest too. ?

Mar. 25

Had a bad fight with Tony over the phone. It was about DEONZA. I got on to him good. Of course he called back to say he was sorry.

[Deonza was Tony’s ex-girlfriend.]

Mar. 26

Stayed home from school. We had a scrimmage softball game. Tim House went out for track. He was jogging around the park.

Mar. 27

Got in BIG trouble. I went cruising around with Tony and came home at 11p. Daddy smelled

Mar. 28

smoke and I almost got killed. Scared me out of my wits.

Mar. 29

Betty spent the night. We had to babysit 4 kids. I got paid 11 dollars! Tiring. Tony and I had a fight.

Mar. 30

Tony called me up–very agonizing. I couldn’t stand it and I told him I wanted to break up. He said I would have to call him from now on.

Mar. 31

I felt miserable all day; sorry for myself, but I did it. TONY CALLED! As a friend. Now I feel much better! YEAH.

[Notice not only how my emotions are dependent on other people, but that I felt I had WON some sort of competition when Tony called me and not the other way around.]

April 1

Anna and I are still pen pals. I like writing her. She’s nice. Kathy is my best friend even if Mom don’t like it.

April 2

Came home from school today faking sick. I don’t have to go to school til Monday (Easter holiday) Yeah

April 3

Cheap Trick concert was out of sight! Great (and loud)! A cute guy sat next to me that was nice. I went with Betty.

April 4

All day skating party. My favorite enemy was there with her gang. Fart.

April 5

Utterly boring Saturday. Daddy’s birthday. Tony called me. He asked if I had been dating any interesting guys. Guess he has.

April 6

Easter. We went to Grandma’s as usual. Rob and them didn’t come, but Brian was there. Tim [Parish] turned 18 today. He’s grown up.

April 7

Today at practice Connie and Missy wanted me to hold their cigarettes. Kathy and I were against it so we wouldn’t take them. Missy started


April 8

calling Kathy names and I told her not to, so now she’s on my ass. So is Connie. So is Carol, Rhonda, Kay and Virginia. EVERYBODY.

April 9

Missy told Virginia a bunch of lies about me talking about her so right when I walked up Virginia laid it on me. So I

April 10

got ourselves to the office for an hour and called my mom, but didn’t leave. Connie and Missy are out for revenge because I got ‘em

April 11

kicked off the softball team. They’re planning to get me this summer. HA!

April 12

On our way to Little Rock for a tool meeting tomorrow. Nothing interesting. Rainy and cold.

April 13

Meeting was boring. Stormy. Got some new shoes. They are really cute. Went shopping. Got home at 5:30. Yeah.

April 14

Kathy came home from school with me. We went to the park. Murphy was there. I got soooo mad at him. So immature.

April 15

Murphy didn’t call; good. Really. Tony got arrested Saturday for possession of pot with intention to sell. His parents got

April 16

him off. But now he has to quit his job. He told me he wants to run away. Told him to call me if he decides.

April 17

Finally, our first softball game. We played Lutheran out in the country. We won 12 to NOTHING!! Haven’t heard from Tony.

April 18

I finally went to see Foxes!! Jodie Foster and Scott Baio with Angie and Betty. It was so great. Really, really good.

[This movie, like many I saw during these formative years, really stuck with me and was a huge influence. Cherie Currie was like, the bomb. There was music and a big concert, teen angst and strife, drug and alcohol abuse, bell bottoms, death, sex, love…what more could a 13 year old ask for?]

April 19

Stacey, Betty and I went to Libertyland with Stacey’s church. We had a lot of fun and saw some cute guys.

April 20

Betty spent the night. I fixed her hair in a Bo Derek. It looked so good! I’m getting my hair cut in flybacks.

April 21

[Written in the top margin]

When I grow up I’m gonna try to remember how I felt and my feelings when I was this age and try to understand my children’s feelings. This diary will help me remember.

[In the regular entry space]

Went to the doctor for allergies. Got a shot in the butt. Didn’t hurt at all. Going back Wed. for tests. Dread it.

April 22

Played Graham Heights today. WE WON! First half of the game it was 12 to 1! Ended up 14 to 12. Ha ha.

April 23

Scott is calling Kathy again. Scott said if I wanted Tim back I could probably get him, but Butch said he has a real foxy girlfriend.

April 24

Report card was good. Got in a play fight with Jamie that turned into a real one. Almost got my ass beat!

April 25

Kathy, Jody and I spent the night over grandma’s. Buddy’s boys stopped by and I think Jody is in LOVE. We had a pretty good time.

April 26

Went skating with Kathy. Met this guy named Bill and what a knockout! We skated couples. Moustache.

April 27

Did absolutely nothing. My skin is a hundred times better. I can’t wait til summer. Gaisman and lifeguards. Yahoo.

April 28

Won both our double headers: 11-1 and 10-0. Yahoo Cougars are number one!

April 29

John Denver concert was fabulous! We got beat by Graham Heights 15 to 8 I think. Bummer. We still got spirit!

April 30

Went to Dr. Van this morning and allergy doctor this afternoon. Just skipped school. My mom’s friend Marcy’s husband got killed in a car accident.

[It is very shocking for a kid this age to hear about someone’s death. I did not know this man, but I knew Marcy who had been (and still is) one of my mom’s best friends. The phone rang, my mom answered. I was sitting in the kitchen when she came in and she seemed kind of wet and wiggly like a noodle. She just said, in a very anguished voice, that Marcy’s husband had been killed in a car accident. I instantly knew who she was talking about. I didn’t know what to do. I believe I stayed where I was.]

May 1

Didn’t get to sleep til 4:30a this morning. Made 105 on my science test. Mom is leaving Saturday on her second cruise!

May 2

Jeff Taylor asked me out to the park or to go driving around. I said no because I’m on the stick. He took it like a child.

[So, at 13 I knew Jeff was asking me to hang out (without spending any money) for purely sexual reasons. Because I understood no worth was placed on my conversation, brain, personality or sense of humor, I didn’t go because I was on my period. I also assumed a guy would not want to hang out with a girl on her period.]

May 3

Went to the truck pull: Truck O’Rama with Daddy and Keith. Momma left for her second cruise this morning.

May 4

Kathy came over and we babysat Sissy and them. We got in trouble ‘cause we ate too much over there. I’m trying to get a TAN.

May 5

Went to the library. Got a book on drugs. Man, they are all around. Haven’t done any of them yet. They are just a sin away.

May 6

Made 100 on both my music tests. Boy am I showing that Mrs. Plumlee up. I cheat in spelling; 100 every time.

[Now I know what contributed to my terrible spelling habit.]

May 7

Stayed home from school. I’ve got asthma and I can barely breathe. I wish Momma was here so bad. I’m a dependent little baby.

May 8

Stayed home from school again. Tomorrow is Friday. I’ll be there. MSU came in third in the U.S.A. Cheerleading Champion on tv.

May 9

Went to school because I feel a little better. Went to the Space Center. Saw Bill May and Jr. Had an okay time. Jr. told

May 10

me to meet him at the pavilion and he stood me up. Signed up with the Spirits summer softball team.

May 11

Felt horrible all day today. Mom is home (finally). I’m coughing so much my stomach is in knots. No lie.

May 12

Went to Doctor Taylor. Nearly died today. I’m sick of being sick. I try to hold back the tears. They BABY me so much.

May 13

Went to the doc today. Now I have pneumonia! More medicine. No school tomorrow. Softball tournaments would be.

May 14

Washed my hair and went for a walk. A shower can do wonders when sick. I feel much better. Softball tournaments were called off.
May 15

Tomorrow the troops are going camping without me. Mom said she’ll take me out Saturday night to dinner and movie.

May 16

I got so bored I cried. They all left. My mom went out. Me: nothing to do. I cried my eyes out. It helped.

May 17

Went shopping with Ma and to some neat things. We went out to eat and saw The Black Stallion. The movie was great. We had fun.

May 18

Pretty good day. Got some exercise. Back to school tomorrow. Only 10 more days. They filled the pool up with water. Yeah.

May 19

Back to school–hectic. We won our softball tournaments against Graham Heights 12 to 5. We are the champions.

May 20

Kathy is now on the softball team. She did perfect. I know I should be happy. I’m jealous. She is taking my place again.

May 21

Went to the park and guess who was there? Tony from swimming. I beat him in a rack of pool! He remembered me. He thought I had forgotten him.

May 22

Tony (Harrelson) called. He was gonna come over, but he got tied up. I might see him tomorrow night at the park.

[Now we know that if a man doesn’t show it’s because he doesn’t want to. If a man wants to see a woman, he will.]

May 23

Jody spent the night. We went to McDonald’s and Jeffro was there. We saw Jeff Dunn today and have been dreamin’! Had an okay time.

May 24

Cotton Carnival was great. Jo and I met David, Richie, Jim, Jr., Charles, Charlie, Bruce and Don. They were all cute. Dream city!

May 25

Spent the night with Jody. Her house is pretty. What a tiring weekend!

May 26

Went over to Kat’s to study for exams and we did but we rode her 3 wheeler too. Hers is a Honda and so much different than mine.

May 27

Banquet is Thursday night. I can’t wait. I got a pretty dress to wear. Really SEXY! I’m gonna make them boys cream.

May 28

Did good on all my exams today. English, Spelling, Social Studies, Music. Tomorrow we have Math and Science. Boo hoo.

May 29

Last day of school! Banquet went perfect. Went by myself. I looked good. I gave Tim House my NUMBER! YAHOOOOOOOOO.

May 30

Spent the night with Kathy. We rode 3 wheelers around. I met Jimmy Dale. Cute.

May 31

Had to get up at 7:00 today. Played games all day. Tiring. I did okay. TIM CALLED!

June 1

Tim didn’t call. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow. Re-arranged my room. Looks kinda sharp.

June 2

Tim called. He came over! We played basketball for a while then we kissed. He pulled me to him so hard every time. I loved it. I couldn’t believe I was kissing him.

[I remember just a couple things. I had such a huge crush on Tim and he had never been to my house. Basketball was just an excuse. He was a couple grades ahead of me. He had put on a musk cologne and as I was hugging him and burying my nose in his neck, I thought the musk smell was the best thing in the world. This left an impression that has never left me. Kissing Tim was a little different because I’d been crushing on him for so long. It took kissing to a new level.]

June 3

Had to finally call the law on Connie for calling so much. We’re calling the phone company in the morning. Tim called and almost came over, but he couldn’t.

June 4

Tim came over again. We skipped b-ball. We just sat around and talked. My mom bitched because he came over late. Jerry Manley stopped by. He got a kick out of it.

June 5

Spent the night with Kathy. Went shopping with Mom. Tim wanted to come over and I hated to turn him down, but I had to.

June 6

Pool opens tomorrow. Can’t wait. Tim did not call. Maybe he’s mad. But anyway…tune in tomorrow!

June 7

Had pretty fun swimming. Got a kiss off Johnny Roberts. John was there. Tony H. was too, but not Tony A. Drat!

June 8

You’ll never believe. Tim asked me to the Ted Nugent concert and to go swimming Tuesday at Lakeland with him and his friends.

June 9

We’ve got new coaches for our softball team. Now we’re the Panthers. We won our games today 15 to 3! Man, oh man!

June 10

Went to Lakeland. Had a blast. Went to Tim’s house with David Hoye and Vicki Rutherford. He fingered me three times. It gave me chills.


June 11

Jerry Manley came over and you know what? He was feeling and kissing and hugging on me and trying to make me pick between him and Tim. I told Tim all about it.

June 12

Tim wants to get Jerry now! We had a good practice in softball. Game tomorrow in Southaven. Friday the 13th.

June 13

Friday the 13th wasn’t so bad. We only lost our game by 1 point. Went shopping. Going camping tomorrow. CAN’T WAIT. Tim called.

June 14

You know all those rapids I heard about sure weren’t anywhere I was. Just had to paddle a canoe all day.

June 15

Only thing good was that I got a good tan.

June 16

Went over to Tim’s. No one home but us. He wanted to make out. I told him to use a rubber. We tried but missed. His brother came home.

June 17

Stayed at Kat’s all day. All day today I thought it was Wednesday. We had practice. Game tomorrow. Saw Missy, Connie. Had a nice chat.

June 18

Got our pictures made for softball and won 18 to 8! Tim called and said he tried 4 times yesterday. He is so cute.

June 19

Tim didn’t call. Went to the eye doctor. Yuck. Getting contacts soon. Maybe in about a week. Finally.

June 20

I haven’t talked to Tim since Wednesday! Maybe he’s mad. I’ll try to call him some time maybe.

June 21

Slept till 2p today! I couldn’t believe it either. Went skating but left to the Space Center. I met Bobby and Tim.

June 22

Kathy spent the night. We had kinda fun. Stayed up late. Heard One of These Nights on the radio. Love it.

June 23

Tim finally called. Cute conversation. I love him! Anyway, went swimming. Had fun. Saw Joe Mooney.

June 24

Went swimming today. Saw Tony H. and Joe Mooney at the pool. Plus Kathy Marshall. Had softball practice.
June 25

Went swimming. Paul Guy was about all over me. So was Ronnie. Gonna get some pot off him.

June 26

Spent the night with Kathy. Called Tim. I told him we talk about Jr. a lot and he went off! He yelled and screamed at me.

[I don’t know if Jr. is a dude or the name of Tim’s cock.]

June 27

Ronnie was at the pool again. He let me wear his ring–nonchalantly. Tim called me! Finally. Short and sweet conversation.

[So yelling and screaming at me over the phone was perfectly acceptable behavior?]

June 28

Went skating. Bill Mayes and Marshall, both McKenzies. You can tell by half the people I didn’t have a great time. Mullen went.

June 29

You know what? On July 4 we have the Bill Watkins Softball Tournament all day. Bummer man.

June 30

Got my contacts. Went to the park to mess around and I met David, Joe, Richard, Frank, Lee, Jay. Man, what a blast!

July 1

Ted Nugent concert was great. So were the Scorpions. Brent and his friends were sitting behind us. Brent asked some good questions.

[I recall that Tim and his friends had a small bottle of Bacardi Rum. They were taking turns sipping it from the bottle. They gave me a sip, but it tasted terrible. I don’t remember how the night ended.]

July 2

Slept til 1p today. So really I didn’t do nothing. Last night was the first joint I ever smoked. Didn’t work.

[Was this with Tim and his friends after the show?]

July 3

Met this guy named Mike at the pool. Not bad, let me tell you. After our game he walked me home and kissed me twice.

July 4

Skipped our tournament and went water skiing. Let me tell you what. I can finally flat do it and had fun. A lot, really!

July 5

Went to Space Center with Betty and Angie. Both Frank Luckett and Billy May were there. That’s good. I showed those girls how to dance!

July 6

Spent the night with Betty. We went over to Kathy’s for some reason. I felt “cool.” Kathy and I went swimming. Trophies passed out today.


July 7

Mike came over. We went down to the park and smoked a joint. Dingo and David were down there. They were a trip.

July 8

Mike and I went down to the park. Clifford, Ken, Hatfield and some other guys were there. Including Bobby and Hippy!

July 9

Mike came over again. We went down to the park. I keep thinking he’s gonna get uglier but everytime I look he’s cuter!

July 10

Mike came over and asked me to go with him. I said no. He took it immaturely. I thought he was two years old!

July 11

Went to the movies with Betty. Walked over to Space Center. Saw Frank, but not Billy.

July 12

Got my Queen ticket for August 5. Van Halen the first. Guy named Charles asked me to go with him. I said no.

July 13

Met these guys John and Charles “Muscles” Benson. Went over their house. They are nice. Got my Van Halen ticket!

July 14

John called me today…and called me. He asked me to go with him and I answered my usual “NO!”

July 15

Called Jody. She’s still crazy over “Bo” Man. I gotta see this dude. YUM YUM

July 16

Went down to park. No one was there except me, Bub and Crazy Voice. He had a blow away joint too. Got HAPPY!

July 17

Left for our vacation to Gulf Port, Mississippi. Took us all day to get there. But we finally did. Cute guys work there.

July 18

Went to the water slide and putt-putt. Water bumper cars too. I wasn’t feeling too good. Started yesterday.

July 19

Went to Rob’s house in Jackson. Met Johnny. Man oh man. Pretty cool. We went in his room and smoked a joint.

[In the house of family members?!?]

July 20

Got home today. John called me. He is on the verge of suicide. No lie. We talked. He feels better now.

[I may be talking about John Faust here…who is still around.]

July 21

I am mad at Kathy Mullen. She hangs around Kathy Marshall when I am not there and doesn’t speak to me. Fuck it.

July 22

Kathy made all star on the team. I got her on. No word of thanks. Thank You.

July 23

Spent the night with Betty. Went to church and saw Sonny. He likes me. We saw Lisa too. She’s pregnant by Bobby.

July 24

Saw Ken and Jeff, Dingo, Mike, Doug, Ricky, Potter, Sammy, Randy, Jeff Taylor, Norman and Johnny Roberts today. I owe Ken a kiss tomorrow.

July 25

Kathy Mullen called and apologized. Went skating and had a GREAT time. Sammy was there! We skated couples–LOVE.

July 26

Went swimming with Betty. Had an okay time. Saw St. Pepper’s on cable. It was good. I’m tired.

July 27

There’s this guy I met today. REALLY cute. His name is Jerry Pool. Man! He has a yellow ten speed. He said he

July 28

was born on a bike. Man, he’s a fox! Summer fun.

July 29

Saw Mike and all his friends up at the pool today. He said hi. I said hi. Jeff Taylor said I’m his innermost fantasy and he

July 30

meant it too. He wants me bad. I should give it to him, but his dick is too big. He’s not the kind of guy I would

July 31

do it with. Saw Jerry today. We kissed! Wow. Knock-out, man. He can do it. He’s SO CUTE!

[What would make me think that I should have sex with a guy just because he wants to really badly? What made me believe I had some sort of responsibility regarding their horniness?]

Aug. 1

Van Halen was the best concert of ALL TIME! Fantastic. Jerry Pool and Alan Houston were there.

Aug. 2

Jerry went swimming today. At first he was flirting with me, then Charla. He apologized though. Thank goodness.

Aug. 3

Missy called me today. She over dosed four weeks ago. Just got off the crazy floor at the hospital. Can’t figure.
Aug. 4

All the ‘good guys’ were down at the park tonight. Bobby Lavender got in a good fight with Mike. Billy May was there. Alan Houston. Jerry Pool.

Aug. 5

Queen concert was pretty good. Their lighting equipment was out of this world. Great sound effects.

Aug. 6

Family cookout at Uncle Ray’s [husband of Aunt Snooks; my dad’s aunt]; my favorite. He looks like a millionair. He’s very handsome. I love him.

Aug. 7

Ken said he had David [Lee Roth’s] autograph for me. Going out tomorrow night. Got to know Eddie Matts a little better. Dennis Boswell is cute! Forget about Jerry. Ha.

Aug. 8

Went out with Ken Smith and Roger. Had a great time. Saw Alan Houston, Ronnie Cook and Brandon Ross. Great day!

Aug. 9

Really getting to know Eddie Metts–gave him my phone number. Really cute!

Aug. 10

Kat spent the night. We are talking about how tuff we’re going to be when school starts. Two more weeks–BOOOOOO!

Aug. 11

I got a hold of Charlot today. She said a little different than Jerry did. One of them is lying. I’ll find out.

Aug. 12

Did nothing today. Our late maids came. Momma has been really getting on my nerves lately. I have a fantasy of Dennis Boswell.

Aug. 13

Went over Kat’s. Got a lot of looks and whistles today. Saw Alan Houston and Marty today registering for school.

Aug. 14

I am mad at Momma…have been. She gripes and complains all the time. So much for her!

Aug. 15

Went skating. Had the best time! K.M. and N.M. were there. Ha. Spent the night with Kathy, not the best time. Ugh.

Aug. 16

Came home early. Went to flea market. Not a perfect day. No nothing, ya know. Tomorrow will be grand though!

Aug. 17

Believe it or not, today was boring too. Thinking about school and listening to music. I love music. It lightens up my life. It should.

Aug. 18

Guess who called today? Eddie! Finally. He asked me to meet him at the park. I did. Just talk. No kissing. RATS!!

Aug. 19

Went to Kathy’s. Walked past Kingsbury. Talked to a couple of guys. Saw ‘Angel Face.’ We rode her three wheeler. Ken Houston called. Good day.

Aug. 20

You’ll never guess–Eddie called again. We had a good long chat. He only let me go cause his mom needed the phone. GOOD.

Aug. 21

Virginia Lane flipped me [off?] today. I don’t know what to do about it. Just stay cool I guess.

Aug. 22

Today was the first day of my life that I got FLASHED. I couldn’t believe the nerve! It sent me into a mad frenzy.

[If this was the incident I’m thinking of, I was walking home from school and there was a car stopped at a stop sign up ahead. As I was walking towards it, I kept recognizing anew that the driver could have pulled out multiple times but was staying put. I steeled myself. As I approached the car I saw a male driver with his dick in his hands. I calmly walked around the back of the car and kept going without reacting. The driver pulled off and I never saw him again.]

Aug. 23

Left for camping trip today. Went swimming and had fun. Went to see a film. Daddy was joking around and told me

Aug. 24

to stand up and some guys started clapping! Made some friends. Had fun. Mosquitoes were on the warpath!!

Aug. 25

First day of school. We have a whole slew of new teachers. Mr. Barkley is the only one left! Tim said hi, so did Jerry. Butch is still nice.

Aug. 26

Guess what made my day today? When school was out Tim House looked at me, gave me the biggest smile and waved.

Aug. 27

School is already boring as hell, but cheerleader tryouts are next week. Three day weekend coming up. Libertyland!!

Aug. 28

Practiced cheers today. Limbered up (sored up now)! But talked to good old Jody. Tomorrow is Friday. THANK GOD!!

Aug. 31

Went to Libertyland all night long. Met a new guy at our school there. Tony Sherman. Saw Alan Houston and Dennis Boswell. Baby.

Sept. 1

Was in a dance contest. Had fun, but lost. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all!! Slept all day. Danced at 7 in the morning.
Sept. 2

Tony Sherman asked me to Skateland a Friday from now. Starting cheerleader practice today. YEAH!!

Sept. 3

Cheerleader tryouts tomorrow! Practice today. I hope I do good. Forget Tony Sherman now. He asked me to go with him.

Sept. 4

I made cheerleading!! I messed up the cheer, but I kept on going, making up motions!! I’m relieved. Nervous all day.

Sept. 5

Everyone congratulated Kathy and I. Missy didn’t try out…’Thank Goodness.’ Mr. McCluthey is really cute. “Bible.”

Sept. 6

Had cheerleading practice again. Oh, that happy feeling! Our first game is Thursday. Get our suits Tuesday.

Sept. 7

Went to see The Blue Lagoon today. Brooke Shields and Chris Atkins starred. It was really good. Mom took me. A little treat.

Sept. 8

Guess who I got reacquainted with today? Mike Steward!! And you know what? I think if he asked me to go with him I would.

Sept. 9

Tony Harrelson called today. We talked a while. He wants to know what I’m doing tomorrow night. I’m thinking Mike Stewart!

Sept. 10

I met Tony down at the park. Smoked 1 joint with him and two more with Randy and Bubba. Got HIGH!!

Sept. 11

Our first game. We played the FAC Cougars. Lost by 2 points. 14 to 12. It sure felt good to cheer again!

Sept. 12

Good day at school. You know what I mean. TGIF!! Set up for Germantown. I like our Bible teacher Mr. McClatey. Mmmmmmm

Sept. 13

Germantown was packed!! Stood up all day. I got some feather earrings. I’m gonna bring the money tomorrow!!

Sept. 14

Not as good today as yesterday. I want to call Mike to see if he’ll go to the fair with me next weekend. Wish he would call!

Sept. 15

Eddie called, so did Mike. Eddie asked me to a party last night. We talked from 10:30 to 2:30. Four hours sleep done me good.

Sept. 16

Eddie is still calling me. Got a whippin’ from B.J. [Brother Jones? The principal] today for riding piggyback on Tommy Armstrong’s back! Shit.

Sept. 17

The big pot party is cancelled. The girl who was throwing it got caught skippin’ school. Too bad.

Sept. 18

We won the football game! 6 to 6–went overtime–12 to 6. Cougars number 1 over Southaven Black Knights. Yeah

Sept. 19

Fair was pretty fun. Two ugly guys were following me and Kathy. Bought a lot of posters. Tony took us. Cute guy drivin’!!

Sept. 20

Went skating, had a blast. A lot of cute guys were there. Skated with this nice guy named Barry.

Sept. 21

Spent the night with Kathy. Jody, Jackie and Carolyn came over. Jody’s hair is getting long. She is so pretty and nice.

Sept. 22

I hate Mondays! BOO. Three day weekend was great. It rained to make it worse!!

Sept. 23

Got our yearbooks today. Finally! Everyone is in the process of signing. Game Thursday. Went to truck pulls.

Sept. 24

Today Tim House wanted me to sign his yearbook. Dennis Bass signed mine and said he would like to date! Cheerleading practice.

Sept. 25

Game in Pine Bluff, AR! Three hours to get there. We won 22 to 14. At least! Got back at 1a. Got out of school early–priviledge.

Sept. 26

Went to varsity football game. We won. Still undefeated. 16-13. They cheated. Saw Jeff Dunn. Jerry Manley was there.

Sept. 27

Went skating. Met “the cutest guy there” Randy. He’s 19. Asked me to a movie. I can’t believe he picked me! Made other girls jealous.

Sept. 28

Went to the movies with Randy. Really nice. He lives in the country. We ate and went to a drive in. H.F.M. (He fingered me.)

Sept. 29

Randy hasn’t called. No, really. My phone hasn’t been plugged up. I can unplug the world! Sharp. Our homecoming is

Sept. 30

this month. Butch, Kathy and I are in charge of the 8th grade float. I can handle it!

Oct. 1

I’m on a diet just to get skinny for the hell of it and I’ve lost five pounds. Ha ha!

Oct. 2

We won our game against the Rebels. Rossville next. Alan Hyatt was there. It was freezing!!

Oct. 3

Went out with Randy. He is so cute. We mostly went driving around. Smoked a joint. I drove him mad kissing on his neck!

Oct. 4

I was in a good mood for Skateland, but Randy just decided to go with someone else. I had to give his pot back. I really hate him now.

Oct. 5

Kathy spent the night. I finally got Rapper’s Delight! I love it! I got tickets to the Doobie Brothers concert. Went over to Randy’s to build float.

Oct. 6

Kathy Mullen, Angie Jones and I were picked for homecoming. At least I got in this year. Dennis isn’t acting too bad!!

Oct. 7

Tim wants me to come to his game. Guess who he is escorting? Holly Rome. Man, jealousy. We can’t stand each other, (me and Holly, that is)!

Oct. 8

Went to varsity football game. Tim got hurt. He also got sympathy! Got a ride home with Dennis Bass! Kissed him for the first time. 8 on the scale!

Oct. 9

You’ll never believe who called me! Dennis Bass. You’ll never guess again–we’re going out next Friday night! Yahoo! I’m not going far.

Oct. 10

I saw Eddie Mett’s little brother Marc and I told him to say hi to Eddie for me and Eddie called me. I haven’t

Oct. 11

talked to him in a long time. He asked me what I was doing Halloween night and I said I didn’t know. Halloween is gonna be a blast.

Oct. 12

Had cheerleading practice for pep rally Friday. My first. We’re doing it with varsity. Rehearsal for homecoming. Busy!

Oct. 13

You’ll never believe–I won! 8th grade homecoming princess! Kathy was understanding. Angie didn’t care. Holly won. Judy won. Pam Baskin won.

Oct. 14

I can’t wait til Halloween night which lands on a Friday! I’m gonna tell my parents I’m gonna spend the night with a friend. Ha ha.

Oct. 15

We didn’t have our pep rally because of the stupid rain. In order of missing Mr. McClatchy’s class. Sorry about that!

Oct. 16

Angie Jones came over. We went messin’ around. I saw Danny Clark and Ken Houston. Jeff and Robert and Jeff Taylor. Had fun.

Oct. 17

Went out with Dennis Bass. Talk about boring. We went to the drive in. Nothing. Driving around. We parked. He doesn’t know how to finger good.

Oct. 18

We lost our homecoming game second year in a row to Graham Heights. Talk about disgrace. Our float didn’t win neither.

Oct. 19

But I looked good! Last night I had rotten time skating. Got my haircut in layers again. That’s pretty good.

Oct. 20

Kathy came over and we went to the park to smoke and Keith caught us. We saw Tommy Wheeler and Doug. Got a drag of a jay.

Oct. 21

Cheerleading practice. Man, I can’t stand Judy or Rhonda or any of those older girls. They hate me too! Whippieshit.

Oct. 22

Felt terrible today, but went to school. I also came home at 12:30! I did good on my tests.

Oct. 23

Went to the doctor today. What fun. No shots though.

Oct. 24

Kids leave tomorrow for camping trip. Me, I’m not going. Still sick. Friday night and I’m sick. SHIT.

Oct. 25

I sure am glad I didn’t go. I feel terrible! Worse today than ever. Misery is being sick on a Saturday night.

Oct. 26

Took a shower and got myself together. I look a 100% better, but I still don’t feel that hot.

Oct. 27

Finally getting out of this sickness of mine. I think I passed it on to Momma. Rained hard today. Electricity went out. School tomorrow.

Oct. 28

Tim called and asked what I was doing Halloween and I said nothing. He said he would be home by himself. I’m going to spend the night with him.

Oct. 29

Doobie Brothers concert was really good. We had great seats. Good looking guys there. Friday night is gonna be it!

Oct. 30

Pep rally. I goofed up terribly. Man, you talk about embarrassment. Oh, well. I shook it off good. Allen Hyatt sure is cute!

Oct. 31

Had to walk to Tim’s. When I got there I put on his jersey. We made it. I’m no longer a virgin. It hurt and it really

Nov. 1

wasn’t that exciting. It was for him though. Randy went skating. At first he was cool, but the heron [?] always comes through.

Nov. 2

He ended up taking me home which got me in trouble but–what the hell. Tim’s the only one I would do it with. I think I love him.

Nov. 3

Do nothing day. Really. Stayed home and listened to the countdown which is not unusual. Tim nor Randy called.

Nov. 4

School was pretty good today–as everyday. Keith made a remark about the friends I hang around. I kicked

Nov. 5

him out of my room! Went to basketball practice and told Coach McClatchy I couldn’t run but he still

Nov. 6

made me. Now I’m sick again. Didn’t go to school today. Went to the doctor instead. Dr. Parker. Guess what?

Nov. 7

I’ve got pneumonia. I’ve had it for the last week. Until…

Nov. 8

Our family reunion today was really great. Went over Sis’s house. Everyone was there. Grandma’s birthday. Beautiful day.

Nov. 9

Went to the mall today. I had 10.00 and came home with nothing! So far I’ve got Missy’s Christmas present. A wine bottle. What about Kat?

Nov. 10

It was all rainy today. They say on the radio it will be cold from here on out. Jeff Taylor is on my case again. I’m flirtin’.

Nov. 11

Had a really good basketball practice today. I hope we’re gonna be good. Kathy, Nancy and I are the best ones.

Nov. 12

Cheerleading practice was good. Our first game is Tuesday I think. I’m not sure.

Nov. 13

Basketball practice today. He ran us like crazy, but now I’m not coughing hardly any.

Nov. 14

Stayed home and watched “Just You and Me, Kid” and “Rocky II.” Rocky was really good. I LOVE Sly Stallone!

Nov. 15

Went to Space Center. Missy came with me. Jerry Poole and Mark Franz were there. I danced with Mark. Otherwise, it wasn’t that much.

Nov. 16

Woke up at 2:30 today. Just stayed home and watched tv all day today. Boring.

Nov. 17

B.J. has been getting on my case so bad lately. I feel he’s driving me crazy. About to cry every time he opens his mouth. Literally. He

Nov. 18

tells everyone not to hang around me and tries to pick my friends and all this crap. My mom says ignore him, but he’s unignorable.

[Why would the principal of the school be doing this to me? Why single me out?]

Nov. 19

Here’s B. J. again. He made me cry this time. I can’t take anymore of this shit. I have to talk to my mom about it sometime.

Nov. 20

We had open house which nobody in my family went to which I put extra effort into.

[And the day before my birthday? What was that about?]

Nov. 21

What a sorry birthday. We had a basketball game. B. J. was gripeing. I cried. Came home. Only Kathy was here. I got four presents. Wow man.

Nov. 22

Went skating. Kathy, Jodie and Randy were there! Man, you talk about fun! He gave me a 14k gold necklace for my birthday!!

Nov. 23

Jodie, Kathy, and I went to the mall with Mama. I kept thinking I would see Randy there for some reason. You know what? I did!

Nov. 24

Today everyone was asking me what I got for my birthday and I was so proud to include that gold chain from Randy!

Nov. 25

Brother Jones is on my case time after time. Daddy don’t want me to change schools. I’d give anything!

Nov. 26

Kathy told me that while she was walking through the mall a lady gave her a number for a modeling agency.

Nov. 27

For Thanksgiving we ate at the Executive Inn. It was really good. I enjoyed visiting. Thanks!

Nov. 28

All day skating party today. Wasn’t fantastically fun. John Tubbs sure can bug the crap out of ya.
Nov. 29

This morning I found out Kathy went somewhere for the day and tonight with her mom’s best friend. She didn’t tell me.

Nov. 30

The Kansas concert was the most! I got blown away! It really opened a door. I love ‘em now! I saw Mikey S. and John Wheat.

Dec. 1

Jodie has moved back in with Kathy. She’ll be back to F.C.A. Monday. Nobody wants her to come back in our class.

Dec. 2

Our first real game. We creamed them! 34 to 4! Temple Baptist or something. I made 2 points. Our Jr. High boys won also.

Dec. 3

I told Tony H. today that if he was planning to go out with Holly Rome to forget about me! It really freaked him out!!

Dec. 4

Today, as I knew it would, the news got to Holly about what I said. Who gives a shit! The boys won their game. I’m being real nice to Jamie M.

Dec. 5

We lost our basketball game. I did horrible. But, when I came home I called Randy and we went out. It was a perfect night.

Dec. 6

Today I was sick as a dog! No not quite, but I had 101 fever. Stayed home and did nothing. What a Saturday. Wow.

Dec. 7

Felt a lot better earlier today, but I’m still sick. Tony called for no earthly reason. I hung him up quick. Can’t stand him.

Dec. 8

Stayed home from school today. Getting all my tapes figured out. Mike Stewart called me. He’s really sweet. I don’t think I’ll got to school tomorrow. Don’t want to. Bum weekend.

Dec. 9

Found out that ZZ Top is coming Jan. 3. Jodie, Kathy and I are hopefully going. Just the way to start of the new year.

Dec. 10

Felt a little better today. Didn’t throw the paper route, but I folded them suckers. Wrote Anna today. We’re still going strong.

Dec. 11

Today I felt worse than usual, probably because I started yesterday. I was so scared I wasn’t going to have my period! These cramps are proof!

Dec. 12

Finally got well enough to get out. Went out to dinner with Mama and Daddy. Kathy and Jodie decided they want to see Cheap Trick! Oh well.


Dec. 13

Went to Space Center with Betty and Angie. Took one hit of codeine, but it didn’t do much. But I had a tremendously good time for some reason! Jerry and Mark were there.

Dec. 14

When I finally went to sleep last night–how I slept! I woke up at 2p today! My goodness.

Dec. 15

First day back to school in a week. It wasn’t so bad. Went to basketball practice because we have a game tomorrow against Graham Heights!

Dec. 16

The big games today went sour. We lost by 2 points and everyone else got beat worse. Tony was there. I was nice to him. A lot of good looking guys there.

Dec. 17

Paper route is still holding on, and making money. Going dancing Saturday. Brother Jones has been talking behind backs again.

Dec. 18

Missy was so nice today. She asked me to eat with her and everything. Jodie and I are getting along just fine.

Dec. 19

What Christmas kisses I got today! I got one from Dennis, plus a hug, one from Kevin, plus a hug and a hug from Jerry M. Good day!

Dec. 20

Went to Space Center. Took Missy. I did a hit of Benadryl and smoke a joint. I had an okay time. I can get down though!

Dec. 21

Momma finally noticed that I hadn’t put anything under the tree. I felt so guilty. Shopping tomorrow!

Dec. 22

My first day out of school. I woke myself up at 8:30 and got called to babysit! That was the first thing I did! Went Christmas shopping!

Dec. 23

Mom, Keith and I went to the Square today and ate at Fridays. Then tonight we all went to Marcie’s Christmas party. It was really a nice day.

Dec. 24

Our family’s Christmas Eve party went over really well. Bobby has got muscles! I got my Queen: Play the Game album from grandma and some other things.

Dec. 25

What a good Christmas day. I got everything I wanted. Bracelets, rings, a jewelry box, pins, an album. It was really a great day.

Dec. 26

Went to Space Center. A lot of good people there. I took some Benadryl and a large round orange pill that I didn’t know what it was. Was a downer. I had an okay time.
Dec. 27

Grandma Parish’s Christmas party was today. Rob and I get along so well! This time he left his girlfriend at home! Had a great time.

Dec. 28

A regular Sunday. Went to the movies with Mom after some hassle about seeing an “R” rated movie which was Stir Crazy!

Dec. 29

Got in the worst trouble today with Missy. We both went over to Kathy’s to start a fight and got caught. I got beat by Mamma and Daddy. Hell of a day.

Dec. 30

Didn’t do anything today. Stayed home and watched tv. Nobody home all day. Keith went skating. Momma and Daddy are being nice now. Thank God.

Dec. 31

Again I spend New Year at home as part of my punishment. It’s okay. I’m looking forward to my new and final year of writing in this diary. Remember that concerts are the greatest and rock and roll is the best. Hippies are the nicest and rebels pass the test

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