1981: (14 years old)

Jan. 1

A great new year ahead. I can feel it! Didn’t do anything to celebrate, but what the hell? I got all year!

Jan. 2

Another Friday night at home with the whole family. This is punishment. I love to stay up late by myself.

Jan. 3

The ZZ Top concert was absolutely fantastic! I went with Betty and we saw Mark Franz and Tim House and Mike Stewart. I got a lot of “LOOKS!” [I made little eyeballs out of the o’s]

Jan. 4

Got up early and went with Daddy, Keith and Jason to the flea market and messing around. A regular traditional Sunday you might say.

Jan. 5

First day back to school–not so bad. Basketball game tomorrow. We’ve been practicing hard! Otherwise boring day.

Jan. 6

Pretty good day at school. Mid-terms coming up though. We lost our basketball game badly. REO Speedwagon is coming to town!

Jan. 7

Kathy let me down again! I told her to call me if she couldn’t come over and of course she didn’t call. I don’t know what to do about her or how to control myself.

Jan. 8

Today was absolutely terrible. I did terrible at b-ball practice, it seemed everything went wrong. I had a good cry.

Jan. 9

Good day today. We won our basketball game by one point. Shannon can really play good. I played good this game.

Jan. 10

Went to Space Center with Betty. My last time to go. Very boring. I mean very! It’s skating from now on. Kathy let me down again about the concert. Too bad for her.

Jan. 11

Got my REO Speedwagon tickets today. Bought two. Don’t know who I’m going with yet! Called Shannon. Some guy already asked her. Ken Houston might go.

Jan. 12

Finally got my phone back. Good day today. Passed my American History test without studying. Shannon is going with me REO Speedwagon concert. Good!

Jan. 13

Called Randy. He is so sweet. Haven’t seen him in a long time. Shannon is going to set me up a blind date.

Jan. 14

Johnny Parks asked me to go with him and so did Charley McWhorter. Wow, two in one!

Jan. 15

This flu epidemic is getting everybody. There were 8 people at school today and I was the only girl!

Jan. 16

Stayed home from school today. Thought I had the flu, but I just needed some rest. It felt good to sleep.

Jan. 17

Went skating and had a lot of fun. Alan Houston works there now! I was lucky enough to skate couples with him. Jeff Taylor was there too.

Jan. 18

Carri spent the whole day with me. It was kinda fun. She sure is growing up!

Jan. 19

Today Johnny Parks gave me a pair of earrings for no reason at all! Good day today. I’ve been exercising and I’m in shape!

Jan. 20

Our hostages who were kept in Iran for 14 months came home today. I’m so happy. Ronald Reagan took office today.

Jan. 21

Final day of exams. Shannon and I are getting along good. She wants me to come home with her tomorrow and go riding around with a couple of guys.

Jan. 22

We lost our basketball game again. I got really mad and cried and screamed. The best thing we do is cheer.

Jan. 23

Today was the first day I almost got busted. Went riding around with Randy and we had a half bag in the truck. Luckily with my swift hands we didn’t get caught.

Jan. 24

I thought this was going to be a boring day, but I went over to Shannon’s. Today was the first day I took a hit of speed. It was a good trip. I’m still on it!

Jan. 25

Jody McCollum is so unearthly jealous of Shannon she doesn’t know what else to do but hate her. Someday Shan is going to kick some McCollum ass.

Jan. 26

Danny Boem sure has been flirting lately. That’s really good. Good mood all day today. Friday night we’re gonna be freakin’ man. REO Speedwagon here we come!!

Jan. 27

We lost our game again, but what the hell. I love to play. Some good guys have been flirting lately. Maybe because I’m getting older.

Jan. 28

Got the results of the Auburndale test today. Did good in everything except math. I’m gonna have to go to summer school. I absolutely have nothing to look forward to. There goes my leisure summer mornings.

Jan. 29

Pep rally tomorrow, game, concert. Saturday we have to sing at school, skating. Sunday–a day of rest! I always have a full load. I love it.

Jan. 30

Our pep rally went fabulous. The REO Speedwagon concert was a real blast! Took one hit of speed and bought 3 more. Smoked a whole bunch of pot. I had a pretty good time!

Jan. 31

Slept most of the day. Went to sing at the school. We lost. I thought we were good! Saturday at home and watched tv. Boring Saturday.

Feb. 1

Rainy Sunday. They keep saying it’s supposed to snow. Went to flea market. Paul Barnes came over. He’s nice, but too touchy.

Feb. 2

Dennis asked me when we were going out again. He must have forgot about the dullness or either found a way to thrill me.

Feb. 3

Donna Self is becoming a good friend. We lost our game again. I give up. Randy called me to ask me out Saturday. I told him I was going skating! I hope he goes too.

Feb. 4

Pretty good day with the guys. Walked with my arm around Dennis. Ronny Cook called me “good looking.” There was a couple guys at the park lookin’!

Feb. 5

Found out Kathy M. is best friends with Missy. Saw Sammy again at park. Butch too. Lotta cute guys there. Randy came too. Woah!

Feb. 6

Our basketball game today was the greatest! We whipped ‘em all over the place! I made 6 points. The last two points at the buzzer were mine! The score was 29 to 17. I loved it!

Feb. 7

Tony Harrelson came over. Pretty good. Went skating after taking 2 hits of speed and had a complete blast! Randy came. He hardly paid attention to me, but I didn’t care! Jerry Poole stopped by.

Feb. 8

Still riding on speed a little. Completely no headache this time. Last time it was just my fault. Tony came over to fix our new motorcycle. The Yamaha 100 that Randy Green traded for our 3 wheeler.

Feb. 9

Mrs. Daniels moved to Texas. No more easy American History. Missy, Betty and Angie are getting on my nerves extremely. I’m doing my best to ignore. Danny Boem sure is cut, ya know it?

Feb. 10

We lost our tournament game today so that was our last game. Softball starts next month. I made two points. Can’t wait til softball.

Feb. 11

Boy, that park sure is fun! Sammy Bailey is kinda flirting, but I found out he’s dating someone, but no problem! He’s only 17. Cute boy!

Feb. 12

Tony Harrelson wants me to go out with him. I don’t want to. We can’t this weekend. I’ll just keep putting him off. Maybe he’ll get the message.

Feb. 13

Friday the 13th wasn’t bad at all. We beat Graham Heights and did a great cheerleading job. Otherwise, regular school day. Boring.

Feb. 14

Valentine’s day went pretty good, but we lost our Jr. High tournament game. Second place. Oh well. Better than nothing.

Feb. 15

Went skating this afternoon. Had an okay time. Nobody flirted except Jeff of course. Boy, I sure do get horny at night. I need someone.

Feb. 16

Dennis hurt both his ankles on Randy’s three wheeler. I called him. We had a good conversation. He asked me to Molly Hatchet. I hope we go. Mike Stewart asked me to go with him. Randy called.

Feb. 17

Today I got a new softball glove. Softball starts beginning of March. Donna Self is going to spend the night Friday. I hope I don’t bore her.

Feb. 18

Today I went to the back doctor. I am 5’2” and he said I won’t get any taller! He said I might get out of my brace in the middle of June or first of July. I can’t wait!!!!!!!

Feb. 19

Went down to the park today and had lots of fun. Played basketball with the guys. Beat Rodney in pool. Old Tony A. was there. He still remembers me!

Feb. 20

Donna Self spent the night. I thought we had a pretty good time. I hope she did. I finally found out Randy’s last name. Sowell. What a load off my mind!!

Feb. 21

Went skating. Couldn’t get a hold of Randy, but I met two guys, Tommy and Levi. Tommy goes to Graham Heights and Levi to Raleigh Egypt. They’re both cute! A lot of people I know went.

Feb. 22

A boring day. I called Randy but he wasn’t there. AGAIN. So I went to the boat show with Daddy. Yahoo.

Feb. 23

Randy called today. He said he promised a perfect weekend! I talked to him for two hours. I think he is so sweet and cute.

Feb. 24

Randy promised he would called me tonight at 8:30 and he didn’t! Oh well. Forgetful I guess. I’m just waiting on him. [Included a small heart]

Feb. 25

Went to the park for a softball game at P.E. Really fun. Went to church with Donna. Good. Randy called, but I wasn’t home. I’m glad he called.

Feb. 26

The cutest little dog followed me home from school today. Walked down to the park and talked to Curtis and them. Saw this guy named Butch today that was a knockout!

Feb. 27

Thank God it’s Friday! The Wizard of Oz was great. The men my parents were leasing the Windmill [to] ran out. Ronny Cook and Brandon Ross stopped by. Randy wasn’t home this Friday night.

Feb. 28

Perfect love session. Ha, that’s a laugh. I called him and he said he didn’t have the truck or the money. Probably spent it on Friday night’s girl.

Feb. 29

I thought maybe Randy would call, but it’s already 7:50. He may call. I watched Grease for the tenth time and still love it. I’m disappointed with Randy though.

March 1

Bought Paradise Theater by Styx. It’s a great album. Shannon said she would have my money by Wednesday. John Wheat is moving to Nashville. Softball practice next week.

March 2

This little boy in the sixth grade wrote me a love letter today. I don’t even know him! He sounded mature enough, but that’s taking it way too far!!

Mar. 3

That little boy called me. His name is Jason. He got the message not to call anymore. Kinda like Randy got the notion.

Mar. 4

This morning Mark Hatley asked if I was going skating this weekend and I said no. Have to find something better to do and he said oh we can manage that! I bet we could!!

Mar. 5

I borrowed some albums from Curtis so I could tape ‘em. AC/DC Back in Black and Highway to Hell. Van Halen II and Ted Nugent Free for All. Thank goodness for Curtis.

Mar. 6

Kathy and Jody spent the night. We went down on Summer and had a great time. Dennis brought us home. Smoked a jay with Tony Harrelson. Saw Jerry Poole. Tony broke his arm. He asked me out.

Mar. 7

Tony said we were gonna go to this real bitchin’ keg party, ya know? Shit. Turned out to be the most boring night except we hit Summer. I’ll never go out with him again.

Mar. 8

Didn’t do nothing today. I didn’t feel too good. It’s that time of the month. I took some aspirin; now I feel better.

Mar. 9

Randy finally, finally decided to call me! I got all over him for not calling me in over a week. So after we fought we made up. He said he loved me. I love him back.

Mar. 10

I did better in practice today. I’m praying’ I’ll get shortstop! I couldn’t believe it, but Randy dropped by for about and hour and 45 minutes. Oh–what minutes they were.

Mar. 11

I was in such a good mood today. From last night that is! Oh, I love him. Donna and I had an important discussion today. Whether going to church makes you a Christian or not. I don’t think so.

Mar. 12

Very good day. For some reason, Tim is kinda flirtin’ around. Randy called to make sure we’re going out tomorrow night. I can’t wait. We’re all going to Florida on April 30. Our vacation. Can’t wait.

Mar. 13

To be a Friday 13th this sure was a great day. Randy and I went to see The Boogeyman. We kept saying we loved each other and I gave him a blow job. He fingered me. Both more than once. I do love him.

Mar. 14

I didn’t do nothing today but entertain myself. Dennis Bass called and wanted me to come over because his parents were away. I said no because I love Randy. He went fishing today.

Mar. 15

Betty, Kathy, Jodie, and I went to the mall today. Had fun. I bought a gold initial “R” and put it on a chain for my Randy! I hope he notices.

Mar. 16

Softball practice today went good. He put me on 3rd base. I don’t know why. It’s okay I guess. I saw Jeff Cordray.

Mar. 17

We won our scrimmage game today. 4 to 1. West Memphis. Oh man, it was go great. Played 3rd. Everybody did good. Randy called. Finally! I love him.

Mar. 18

Randy called me at 6:20 this morning to say he loved me. This is the sweetest thing. We’re going out Friday. He called me today too. He’s starting to every day.

Mar. 19

Randy called this morning to say he loved me again. I love him. He called me when I got home too. He asked me to go play basketball with him for a while, but there was a change in plans.

Mar. 20

Date with Randy went great. I gave him a lot of blowjobs. We tried to do it, but I guess his dick is too big! It just didn’t work this time. I wish it would. I love him.

[This shows how little we knew about intercourse.]

Mar. 21

Didn’t do nothing today. Thought about Randy. He didn’t call. We really do love each other. For real. I’m positive.

Mar. 22

I asked Randy to go skating. He said he didn’t know or not whether he would have the truck. All the girls want him to come. I pray he does!

Mar. 23

I was in such a good mood today; for a Monday, for some reason. Randy called twice and said he was going to Skateland and he’s taking my brother and I. Can’t wait!

Mar. 24

Skating party went fabulous! Randy came and all my girlfriends. Tim House asked me out, but I turned him down. Randy is my baby!

Mar. 25

Last day of school before spring break. Randy came over! Had a great time. We played tv games and had a play fist fight. I love him sooo much.

Mar. 26

Great day out of school. Just messed around. I laid out in the sun an hour. Beautiful day. Went down to the park. A lot of guys were there. Saw Jeff Dunn, Tim and Jerry Poole.

Mar. 27

Randy came over early. I wasn’t ready. Went to help his mom and aunt move. It doesn’t sound that fun, but it was. I met a lot of his family. We made love. It hurt and didn’t go in all the way.

Mar. 28

I get chills everytime I think about my sweetheart. I can’t believe I managed this! I love him. His family is so nice, all of them. He comes from a good family. Loving.

Mar. 29

Went over Aunt Carolyn’s with mom for a birthday lunch. Tony, Brian and all of us played Uno the whole afternoon. Best party. Randy didn’t call. Rained all day.
Mar. 30

Did good in softball practice today. Glad to get back to school. Mrs. Hulahan said she thoroughly approves of Randy and I liking each other. He still didn’t call. I called him–wasn’t in.

Mar. 31

Kinda goofed up at softball practice today. Missy in on my ass again. Susan Tubbs is engaged–for two years! She took me to McDonald’s. Randy still hasn’t called! I’m so bored!

Apr. 1

Randy (my sweetheart) finally called! He said he got laid off and he called from his grandmother’s house. He said he had been thinking about me, and that ain’t no April Fool!!

Apr. 2

Randy called this morning and again at 10. I love him so much. He has gotten laid off work. Cheerleading tryouts for Auburndale next week.

Apr. 3

Randy took his mother and I to Hungry Fisherman and to Baskin Robbins. I looked elegant! We had such fun! Cheerleading meeting at Auburndale went real well. Learned four cheers. Had softball practice too!

Apr. 4

Today spent literally the whole day with my honey and his family. We didn’t do anything. We just were together. I went out at noon and came home at 8:30.

Apr. 5

Didn’t do much today but sleep! I practiced my cheers a lot and finished two more library books. Won some Uno games and just messed around. A general good Sunday!!

Apr. 6

Real good day at school. Had a super time at cheerleading practice. We learned a new cheer and half of the ponpon routine. I’ve got it all down. Made some new friends. Randy still didn’t call.

Apr. 7

Did terrific at practice today. Even if I don’t make it, I sure am having fun trying. Randy finally called. He still hasn’t found a job. Poor thing.

Apr. 8

Tomorrow is cheerleader tryouts. That’s all I can think about. I messed up a couple of times today, but I came home and practiced. I’ll tell ya how I did tomorrow. Randy didn’t call.

Apr. 9

Cheerleading tryouts went great–for me that is. I didn’t mess up, thank God. I made some new friends too. We all find out the results tomorrow. I’ll let cha know. Randy called.

Apr. 10

Mrs. Williams called at 7 this morning and told me that I had made the cheerleading squad! That hard work surely paid off. Camping tomorrow!

Apr. 11

Went camping with the whole gang to Reelfoot Lake. Nice and peaceful there. I mean peaceful! Kinda draggy. Met a guy named Buddy and a girl named Lisa.


Apr. 12

Right when we got back from camping we went motorcycle riding. Keith and I have got a Yamaha 100 and an 80. I’m getting the hang of it. A good way to meet guys!

Apr. 13

I didn’t start or get to play in the game today, but we beat West Memphis 21 to 10! What a comeback. Came from behind of 9 points! Not one of my days. Randy did not call!

Apr. 14

Randy didn’t call again. Donna and Paul Barnes seem to think he has left me. (What are friends for?) He is the best guy I have ever had. I can’t let him go.

Apr. 15

Today was the first day Randy and I had a fight. When he finally called me he didn’t even listen to me the whole conversation. I hung up on him.

Apr. 16

We beat Graham Heights twice in a double header! Rush concert was great. Was the first time I took half a quaalude. Bought four hits of speed too! I met a guy named Dale.

Apr. 17

Didn’t do nothing today. Spent the night with Betty last night. Randy called–didn’t think he would. He was very sweet. I love him so much. I might see him tomorrow.

Apr. 18

Went motorcycle riding down in the Bottoms today. Talk about action. Guys galore down there! Randy said he would call me, but he didn’t.

Apr. 19

Didn’t do nothing this Easter Sunday. I visited Grandma Parish in the hospital. She didn’t look too good. It was Grandma Blythe’s birthday yesterday. We gave her a party. Ronny Cook called me.

Apr. 20

Randy didn’t call again. Missy Vansickle is looking to get her ass kicked. Betty and Sherry took speed in school today. Boy, were they trippin’! I sold it to Sherry.

Apr. 21

I was in such a good mood today. Did terrible in softball practice. Ken Houston and Jeff Cordray watched us. I threw frisbee with them after practice. Fun!! Randy didn’t call!

Apr. 22

Pretty crappy day, but I did good on the guys and the athletic part! Randy called long distance from Louisiana. He’s been working on a job there. He’ll be back tomorrow. He said he’ll see me Friday.

Apr. 23

While I thought Randy was in Louisiana, he snuck a visit to me when he came down for glue. He could only stay a few minutes, but what minutes they were! He’ll be back Saturday.

[Nothing about this story makes sense.]

Apr. 24

After softball practice I baby sat for Cindy White across the street. Dylan and Carri were thrown in and all in all I made a whopping 15 dollars! Talk about cash!

Apr. 25

Our little family drove up to Paris, TN for the big fish fry and to the Old Country Store. We visited Lynn and Myrtle too. We had a good time. Just a day’s outing you might say!

Apr. 26

Randy called and him and his mom picked me up and we went to his grandmother’s. We stopped by K-Mart and just messed around. Stopped by his house. I love him so much. Going out to dinner.

Apr. 27

Dinner was really good. We went down on the river to Doebler Dock. Randy is so handsome. I got a picture of him. Two in fact! Cheerleading meeting went good. Jenny what’s her name is captain.

Apr. 28

My asthma is acting up. I may go to the doctor tomorrow. Did good in practice today. Almost got in a fight with Angie Jones. Tomorrow last day of school before Florida.

Apr. 29

Our vacation to Florida is tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it; a good tan. I’ve got everything packed. Randy came by to say so long! He said if I moved there he would kill me.

Apr. 30

Florida is great. It rained a little but it won’t stop us. Since I’m writing this on Sunday I can’t remember what we did, but I know it was fun!

May 1

We went to Disney World! What fun! We went to Space Mountain and Tomorrow Land and Frontier Land. We rode the monorail and train. So much to do!

May 2

Today we went to Adventure Island. It was terrific. We saw all kinds of different birds. And we went to the Stars Hall of Fame Wax Museum! I saw the Wizard of Oz gang!

May 3

We went to the Mystery Fun House today which was really fun.  I laid out for a couple of hours then home again! I’m glad we’re home, but I loved it there! The sun!

May 4

What a great way to start the week–great tan. Randy took me out to dinner, just us. I am on my period but I got him off with a mouth full blow job. I told half a hit of speed. FUN!!

May 5

Sherry and I wrote nasty notes back and forth to each other about things we have done and Missy V. got them. Now everyone knows it. Goddamn her.

May 6

Sherry Watkins and her boyfriend broke up. I’m afraid she’s on the brink of suicide. I cried for her. Randy called.

May 7

Got in a hell of a fight with Angie Jones today. I started it by saying something. She shoved me first and I smacked her face with my fist. We got into it. Went to the office. No problem.

[I still remember what I said to Angie that started the fight. I probably still remember because it got a laugh from the assistant principal, Mrs. Jones. A few girls were in the bathroom and one girl said to Angie, “I can see your underwear through your skirt. Does your underwear say something on it? “ I piped up. “It probably says ‘for rent’.” That’s when she turned around to shove me. I heard my Dad’s advice, “If you are going to hit them, hit them fast and hit them hard.” I belted her in the face and we scrabbled around after that.]

May 8

Kathy and Jody hung around Angie all day today. Didn’t speak one word to me for no reason. I need Randy, but he’s nowhere to be found.

May 9

All of a sudden Kathy called me up today and asked me to go to the mall. Jody came too. I asked them to spend the night. We watched the Exorcist. Randy wasn’t home all night.

May 10

Styx tickets went on sale today. I don’t have any yet. Might get some tomorrow. Randy is SICK. Finally got a hold of him today. He said he was with Johnny all weekend. I wonder.

May 11

Meeting at Auburndale today. We’re going to cheerleading camp in Nashville, TN in July 12-16. Can’t wait. Practice starts a week after school is out. So many plans!

May 12

Our first and next to last tournament game today. We won 28 to 3 against Frayser. Our last game is Thursday against Rossville. We have 8-0 season so far. I made 2 runs.

May 13

Our last game against Rossville. WE WON! We beat them 19-zip! We are the Jr. High softball champions. The best, even though I didn’t do anything for ‘em. It’s my team.

May 14

Looks like Randy is not going to call me for this weekend either. Fuck him. He left me, but he can’t hurt me.

May 15

Ken Smith called me for a date; I took a raincheck. Went skating. Had a pretty good time. I skated with Shane Bailey. He likes me. I like his brother Sammy.

May 16

It rained all day today. It’s been raining a lot lately. I watched Die Laughing with Robbie Benson today on cable. Otherwise boring day.

May 17

I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday. What a nightmare. Went to the flea market and get a real tough looking turquoise ring.

May 18

Okay day for a Monday. It felt good with no softball practice. We had a six-weeks test in American History today. I studied and it was a breeze. It always is if you study.

May 19

Our last full week of school. Man! Finally. I am worried about exams though. We had an I.Q. test. Only a few questions slowed me down. I guess I’m generally pretty smart.
May 20

My mom called up Bobby Blythe to see if he could be my escort to the banquet. If not, Randy could be. I hope Bobby will go. Then I will have a top notch date.

May 21

Jody and I got in a fight today. She ran straight to Missy and told her everything. She even told her I carry a knife. How could she do that? I’ll never forgive her.

May 22

Felt kind of dumb not having a date for the whole weekend. We were going to go camping, but it fell through. I baby sat. That baby drove me crazy crying all the time. Got 5.00 though.

May 23

Didn’t do nothing today. I was bored to death. I went to the store and got a lot of whistles. Missy Vansickle and Connie Stevens said they’re going to kick my ass when school is out. We’ll see.

May 24

All the family went to Moscow, TN for the Moscow Olympics. It was a lot of un. Entered into the free throw contest. Picked out my banquet dress today too.

May 25

Things are getting really ruff at school. It seems everyone is against me. Tim House is too. I had to skip the last two hours because it got so hot and heavy.

May 26

Found out Bobby is going to take me to the banquet. Sherry Watkins came back to school today. Everyone is against us. Called the police. Don’t know what good it will do. Exams were easy. Last day.

May 27

It didn’t feel like the last day of school. Exams were easy. I got horny the last hour there. I don’t think the police have done anything yet. I’m glad school is over!

May 28

Went to get fitted for my cheerleading suit this morning and spent the day with Sherry. Got high. Had a great day. Laid out. I’m pretty dark.

May 29

Sherry came over for a little while. Went to the doctor for an x-ray. Banquet was okay. Bobby looked great. So did I. It’s not that big a thrill anymore.

May 30

Left this morning to go camping. Cloudy skies. We had an okay day. Not too exciting. About 9p the rain came down hot and heavy. Rained all night. Had good dreams though!

May 31

Rained some today too. We just ate breakfast and left for home. A really bum camping trip.

June 1

I went to the Styx concert with Curtis Ballard. It was so fantastic. About the best concert I ever went to. Phenomenal. I had a fantastic time. Got a t-shirt.

June 2

Our first cheerleading practice went well. I showed them a couple of things. They know I know what I’m doing. It was really fun.

June 3

Had practice again today. Fun also. Guess who picked me up from out of the blue? Randy. He came back to me. He said he was sorry and that he wouldn’t leave again.

[His girlfriend must have kicked him out.]

June 4

Randy came over today about 10:30a. Really smart. I’m fed up with him. Keith and I went to the Cheap Trick concert and had an absolute blast. Met some really cute guys there!

June 5

Date with Jamie Manley to the ball game got rained out. Went to lunch and shopping with Momma. She bought me the cutest new cowboy hat I have ever seen. Not a word from Randy.

[For some reason I still remember finding this cowboy hat. Mom and I were in an upscale retail spot. When I found the hat with a feather band I went to the mirror. For some reason I feel I was sitting down in front of a mirror. When I placed the hat on my head it was as if something magical happened (like that borrowed hat I wore to the hippie party that night). I felt I looked amazing and there was no way I was leaving without that hat. Years later the cowboy look was over so I destroyed the thing by cutting it up. I’d give a pretty penny to have the hat back again.]

June 6

Went skating. Well, kind of. I left early with Jeff Taylor. He was bored and I was horny so we went parking. He fingered me and I gave him a blowjob. He came like a fountain.

June 7

Struck it big today. Went down to the park to check out the scene and I saw a lot of guys there. Steve Harvey asked me out for next Friday night.

June 8

Missy and Connie almost jumped me today. With everything going on with all the lies I just had to tell my momma the truth about Tim and me. She understands. I have the best momma in the world.

June 9

Yesterday was a very hard day, but today was better. I think telling mom brought us closer together. Cheerleading practice went good. I gave Kay Lawrence a ride home.

June 10

Today, unknowingly, I slept until 1p! Momma woke me up. Cheerleading practice went okay. We didn’t do much. But we will before we go to camp!

June 11

Went swimming today at Jamie Manley’s house. Jerry was there. It was fun, but they got a little too playful with their hands.

June 12

Jamie and his friend Mark came over at 9:30p. Then this guy I didn’t even know came knocking at the door at 10:30p. After knowing each other ten minutes he asked for a kiss. Fuck him.
June 13

We set up the Spin Art at the zoo today. I had fun early in the day, but we had no business and it got to be a drag.

June 14

Mom, Keith and I went to Playhouse on the Square to see Grease. I loved it. It was great! We went to the candy store too. I looked great. Got a lot of looks.

June 15

Boy, this having no friends business is getting to be a bore. I went to the doctor to remedy this break out on my face. It’s a bacterial infection. I saw “Bill” going into the doctor’s.

June 16

Today for cheerleading practice we picked up Kay again. She seems okay, but she gossips a lot and I want to stay away from that. Kim White doesn’t particularly love me either.

June 17

Cheerleading practice went good today. We didn’t do much but I talked to a lot of the girls. Bonnie and Rebekah are really nice.

June 18

My cheerleading suit got finished today. It looks good. Sherry Watkins got a free pass for two and we went to see Cannonball Run. It was really funny.

June 19

Sherry spent the night for the first time. We went down and hung out at McDonald’s a while. Of course all she talked about was Marty. She started her period and went home early.

June 20

Keith and I went skating. Boy, did I have a great time! I met a guy named Mark Barnes. Kinda cute! Gave him my phone number. He gave me his too. A fabulous time.

June 21

Didn’t do much today at all. Laid out a little. Nothing better to do. Mark called about 9:30. He’s 17. He seems like a really nice guy. He asked me out for this Friday.

June 22

Nothing much happened today either. I wrote a letter to faithful old Anna. She’s a great pen pal. Watched Psycho with Mom for the first time. Great flick.

June 23

Really getting into my soap operas again. Cheerleading practice went okay. We made signs for camp. Math tutoring started today. The lady is pretty nice.

June 24

All we’re doing now at cheerleading practice is making signs for camp. Kind of boring. Went to Maywood. Had a lot of fun.

June 25

At practice today I’m kinda finding out the good girls from the bad ones. I’m trying to be friendly with all of them. I hear that I have to be initiated!

June 26

I was supposed to go out with Mark tonight, but I got stood up. He never did call me back after that first time. I babysat instead and made an easy ten dollars!

June 27

One of our hens had baby chicks today. Two are black and one is tan. They are really cute! I babysat for Mr. and Mrs. N. today. Not too much trouble. I made 8.00.

June 28

Today I went shopping with all my babysitting money. I bought everything on my list. Ken Smith came over. He said he got 2 tickets for front row at the Van Halen concert!

June 29

Great day today. Saw a lot of guys. Ken, Jeff, Jeff Taylor, Tim, Ken Smith and some more! Jeff Jones is grown up–Baby!!

[I can’t help but think, as I have a million times, that if I had put all this energy into intellectual pursuits, I’d be a millionaire by now.]

June 30

Cheerleading practice went okay today. I’m gonna room with Bonnie. That’s good. She’s real nice. Math tutoring is getting harder. I hope I get to understand it better.

July 1

Cheerleading is just about my whole life. My goal is to become a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Stay tuned for future references in 1989!

July 2

This math tutoring sure is getting harder! I sure do hope I get the hang of it because I’ve got to take Algebra I next year!

July 3

I’m cancelling my camping trip for this weekend to go to a 4th of July party with Sherry Watkins. It better be good too! We have to be in by 1am!

July 4

The party was outrageous. When you walk in this guy named Randy gives you half a quualude and a can of beer. They had cocaine there too. Not a bad looking bunch I should say.

July 5

Sherry, Steve, Roger, Marty and I went over to a guy’s house named Bobby today for barbeque (and that’s all)! Bobby is really good looking. Had an okay time.

July 6

Today at cheerleading practice during the splits I did something awful to my leg. Although I don’t know what! It hurts like hell though. Played pool at Gaisman today.

July 7

I couldn’t do much at practice today. I act more like Kathy Stearns every day! When I was in the pool hall today the Vansickle gang showed up. Thank God for slack!

July 8

I can’t wait til I go to camp. I wonder what it’s like. I room with Bonnie Freeman. She is really nice! The best roommate I could have picked.

July 9

Mike Rutherford came over. He sure is cute! I went shopping with Momma. We bought some school clothes; four outfits. I really like them all. Pants, finally!!

[From first to eighth grade I attended First Christian Assembly Academy in central Memphis, TN. It was a small private Christian school. We had bible study and chapel on Fridays. We sang Christian songs and had many rules of conduct, clothing and hair. The boys had to have their hair cut over their ears and above their collar. Girls had to wear dresses and skirts. I still can’t fathom that I wore a dress every school day for eight years.]

July 10

I packed my clothes half the day. It made me tired! Spending the night at Kim White’s with all the cheerleaders was really fun. We stayed up all night!

July 11

We left by 7a this morning. A pretty long drive, but fun too. We have a small room with 2 single beds. WE just talked mostly today. I’m not homesick yet!

July 12

Today we learned a few cheers. I learned the simpler ones, but I don’t have the harder ones down yet. Not homesick yet either. The food is good.

July 13

Today was non-stop! My legs and feet are killing me! But it was worth it because we won 2 ribbons on the first night! Creativity and Super Spirit. I LOVE it!

July 14

Today was one great day! We won two more ribbons! I had a small solo part in one of the cheers and I got extra special recognition for it. Called Daddy.

July 15

Today we didn’t do much (for a change)! We won five ribbons today and the spirit frisbee! Kay won individual achievement. We had a big party tonight! FUN! Tomorrow last day!!

July 16

Our last day of camp was short. All we had was final competition and championships. We made it into the championship! We won a congeniality award, spirit frisbee and a blue ribbon.

July 17

All in all at camp we won 13 ribbons and made it to the champs! Can’t say we’re all that bad even with Jayna breaking her ankle and all.

July 18

Didn’t do anything much today but went skating. Kind of boring but the music was great! I skated with a boy named Chad. Jeff Nix won a fight too!

July 19

Mom had been out of town since Thursday, so we went to pick her up. I had to tell her all about camp. I bought a cheerleading handbook too!

July 20

Today at the pool table it was really fun because a lot of cute guys were there. Butch is flirting with me a little but we’re all just friends. Mike came over. Wow!!

July 21

Today at the pool table, with a combination of Mike “Fish Eyes” and I, we won 11 games in a row! Went to see Ted Nugent tonight with Sherry. What a complete blast!

July 22

Pretty good day. Keith got his braces today. He is so scared someone will call him something. Butch is really flirting down at the park. He sure is cute, but so is Mike.

July 23

I go to the park almost every day now. I have a lot of good friends there and I’m getting better at pool too. I like it there a lot.

July 24

Today we left for Jackson, TN. Just a short trip just goofing off. We went to the Old Country Store and went to visit the Hazelwoods. Tomorrow we go skiing!

July 25

We met Russell and family and Bob, Theo and Joe and family at Pickwick. Skiing was a blast. I had a small accident and bruised my legs, but otherwise a good time!

July 26

We came back from Pickwick last night. I felt kind of guilty not telling Mike I was going, but I talked to him today and told him I was sorry. He sure is sweet!

July 27

Mike called and I asked him to come over. He did! Shot some pool at the park today. Outside I waved to Jerry Poole and he waved back. He watched me play for a few minutes. He actually knew my name.

July 28

I got up early to babysit today. Carrie and Tina. Carrie is going to be a knockout when she gets older. I made 10.00. That will got to my Van Halen concert t-shirt.

July 29

Went to math today. I’m doing pretty good. Donna and Darann came over and we went down to the park. Just as I was leaving, Butch came in and walked me home. He complimented my shirt.

July 30

This school year all I’m going to try to concentrate on is school work and cheerleading. I really want to do well in my grades. I know I can do it. Gonna try hard.

July 31

Mom and I went shopping for some more school clothes. I got 3 new pairs of pants and two shirts. First day of school in August is the 24th! I’m kind of looking forward to it.

Aug. 1

Keith has started to work with Daddy a little. Going to work with him a couple days a week. I know it won’t last long. Nothing does with Keith.

Aug. 2

Didn’t do nothing in particular today.

[When am I going to grow out of this double negative??]

Mom and I watched Fame on cable. Boy, was that movie good, and inspiring too. I’m gonna have to watch that again.

Aug. 3

Keith and I watched Friday the 13th on cable. Talk about being scared out of my wits! I didn’t get a wink of sleep. I was so scared all night long.

Aug. 4

Try to go to math tutoring, but Mrs. N. wasn’t home. Wonder why? I watched General Hospital, my soap opera. Went down to the park. I won 5 games of pool in a row. Lost 3. Not too bad, is it?

Aug. 5

Did housework today. I do that very well. I’m a clean, neat person. I’m going to get organized for school. Kathy Mullen’s birthday is tomorrow. I sent her a card. Hope she gets it.

Aug. 6

Today was a good day for the park. Kathy’s birthday is today. She got my card and Keith said she tried to call me twice. Maybe she’ll call tomorrow. I hope so.

Aug. 7

I feel so bored without a date for Friday night. Fourteen years old, good looking and no date. How crummy. I bought some diet pills today. I want to get skinnier. I weigh 106 pounds.

[Wow. Can you believe that?]

Aug. 8

Got up at 7a this morning and took a walk. Daddy let me drive him down to Loeb’s and to the doughnut shop. That was fun!

Aug. 9

Went motorcycle riding down at Joe’s today. Got a cute sunburn. Mr. Lost and Found Sowell called today. He said he wanted to be friends. I told him to bug off!

Aug. 10

Jamie Manley called today. Haven’t talked to him in a long time. Mom and I went to get our allergy shots and out to lunch. I’m glad we get along so good. I love her.

Aug. 11

I was walking home from the park today and that hippie guy who lives down the street had just gotten home from work. He looked at me and I sure looked at him!!

[I think this guy rued the day he looked at me longer than 2 seconds. He was way too old for me and knew it. I found him to be the epitome of what I found attractive. I spent many an hour mentally willing him to wander down to my house and sit with me on the porch. He was probably checking his windows before leaving the house so I didn’t catch him going to the car. I was gaga over that guy for years.]

Aug. 12

I sure wish the park was open. It is closed til Sept. 1. I just sat out on the front porch today. Talked on the phone. Butch drove by. Jeff Taylor stopped by. Ken Houston drove by.

Aug. 13

Didn’t do much today. Mrs. N. cancelled math ‘cause she was busy. Got it tomorrow. Went and got high with Tony Harrelson today. He asked me out. So did Dennis Bass.

Aug. 14

I could have went out with Tony or Dennis tonight, but I chose not to. Went shopping for camping groceries. What fun, huh? Probably better than going out with them!!

Aug. 15

Got up early this morning to go camping. Went to Many Islands, AR and went canoeing. Never guess who I bumped into there: Johnny Roberts! He’s in Boystown these days.

Aug. 16

About the worst thing in my life happened today. We were all in the camper coming home going 65 miles an hour down the highway and a dog ran right in front of us. I can’t stand to think of it.

[Comparatively, running over a dog being the worst thing that had ever happened to me is pretty good. I’ve lived a pretty easy life thus far.]

Aug. 17

It rained all day today. I just did the usual. Cleaned up the house and watched my soaps. Got cheerleading practice tomorrow morning. I watched the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders II on tv.

Aug. 18

You wouldn’t believe how many cheers I have to learn, and so fast too. Bonnie said she would help me anytime. Thank goodness. I practiced when I got home today too. Dad, Mom and I went out to eat. Busy weeks ahead!

Aug. 19

Tony Harrelson called me today. I met him up at the park and got high. He stopped by Taco Bell to pick up his check. He wants to go out with me.

Aug. 20

Today I saw red haired Robert at the gas station. I saw Jeff Cordray at the Taco Bell and I saw Ken Houston at McDonald’s!

Aug. 21

After cheerleading practice it was all downhill from there. But I met Sherry down at the park and Terry Floyd was down there and got us high. Some weird guy gave us some speed.

Aug. 22

It felt great to sleep in today. Went over to Sherry’s and to the park to get high. I saw Mark Wood there again today. He’s okay, but his teeth look gross. Took a hit to speed today too.

Aug. 23

Kind of getting ready for school tomorrow. Somehow it doesn’t seem real. I painted my fingernails and such. I also went to the mall with Sherry. I stole a pen with a unicorn on it.

[This is the first I recall mentioning stealing besides when I got in trouble with Penny Banks. I’ve dealt with kleptomania all of my life.]

Aug. 24

First day of school was great. It went really well. Everyone there was nice. We haven’t done any work yet though. Saw some good looking guys. One in my homeroom named Andy.

Aug. 25

Second day of school was good too. I won a contest in art class and am getting to know some of the guys. Girls too. Tomorrow I’m kind of going to concentrate on making friends.

[The switch in schools was like night and day. First Christian Assembly Academy was a few blocks from my home; a lower to middle class area. Girls had to wear skirts. Boys had to have their hair cut over their ears and collars. There was chapel and bible study. Auburndale was located in Germantown in an upscale neighborhood. All the kids came from well to do families with huge houses. The culture shock was tremendous. I was most struck by the manners the rich kids possessed. I had grown up with such rag-tag kids that to meet these well dressed and well mannered high school kids was shocking.]

Aug. 26

I think I like school better every day. That Brent [Barrett] sure is cute. Every girl is after Andy, especially Laura. But I will try extra hard to be friends with her.

Aug. 27

Tomorrow night at the party the cheerleaders have to do a cheer. I’m not too nervous. I just hope it won’t be a disaster!

Aug. 28

That party for the football players and cheerleaders was a blast! Andy and Brent asked for my number! Brent and I have a date for tomorrow night! Yeehaa!

Aug. 29

The date went pretty good. Gogo and some other dude and their dates came. We didn’t know where to go so we drove all over town. We ended up at a pizza place and watched a football game. I had fun!

Aug. 30

Went to the mall with Sherry. I stole some stuff there. It is so easy, but still so risky. I stole a black tote bag, some blush and a pen. I stole a pen last time too. The things I steal get bigger and bigger.

Aug. 31

Rainy Monday. No game, but we had practice. Good day. Brent and Andy called me. Getting along good. Everybody couldn’t believe Brent and I went out. Kay said I was lucky getting asked out the first week of school. Karin said I was popular.

Sept. 1

Van Halen concert was a real blast! We just walked in 20 minutes before the concert and got so close you wouldn’t believe! David is so much my baby. The ultimate.

Sept. 2

Today I discovered that my algebra book was missing. If I can’t find it within 3 days I have to pay for it! We have been practicing for our pep rally Friday.

Sept. 3

Today I was totally pissed off. My notebook and my pen got stolen in one day! Thieves are among us. I wouldn’t steal from friends, but stores are different.

Sept. 4

Pep rally went fabulous today. Nobody messed up or anything! I found my algebra book (thank God)! And Brent, Gogo, Elizabeth and I went to the drive-in. Daddy left for Florida today to check out the situation.

Sept. 5

I woke up at 2p today! What are weekends for, ya know? Never guess who called today: Kathy Mullen. She acted as friendly as ever. Brent called me too. We talked for about an hour and a half. Babysat tonight.

Sept. 6

Randy’s birthday. So what? Went to a new mall with Sherry and her bitch mother. That’s the last time I go with them somewhere! Went to Libertyland all night for Labor Day. I went by
Sept. 7

my self. I met a guy there named Chris. Gave him my number. Hung around with Mark Wood, Bubba Tidwell and Springer the rest of the time. Kathy S., Karin P., and Marcie called me.

Sept. 8

Auburndale’s very first football game was won tonight. 22 to 8. We played FACS. I saw Kim Peterson there. Chris Rhodes kind of invited himself. He is cute. Andy Mahafey kissed my cheek.

Sept. 9

There is this guy in my art class named Jim Cox. He calls me Van Halen ‘cause I love them so much! Cheered at the soccer game today. We won by 2 points. Pretty fun. Andy and Brent were there!

Sept. 10

Good day today. Andy Mahafey is really coming on strong. Laura Quinn can’t stand it either! Brent asked me out for Saturday. Three day weekend starting tomorrow. I’m getting to know Mark Ross better.

Sept. 11

No school. Slept late. Watched my soap opera. General Hospital. Talked to Chris Rhodes on the phone. Shot some pool. That rock and roll star guy was there. I’m in LOVE!

Sept. 12

Worked at Germantown Festival today. Talk about tiring! My God! Then right when I got home I had just enough time to get ready to go out with Brent, Gogo and Liz. Had a blast!

Sept. 13

Today wasn’t as tiring as yesterday. I saw Sian today. She is so small and so mature. I’m ready for school tomorrow. I really like it a lot!

Sept. 14

Leigh gave me 2 hits of speed today at lunch. I was in such a good mood the rest of the day! Mark Ross and Andy Mahafey wrote me a note today. I had to cheer at 2 games today. We lost both of them. Oh well.

Sept. 15

Pretty good day today. (Not as good as yesterday, though!) Gogo is starting to flirt a little more. That’s good. Everyone there thinks I talk funny. Too Southern. I like it that way!

[You can see the cultural differences in this statement. Kids raised in the upper socio-economic echelon have been taught proper speaking techniques. Elocution.]

Sept. 16

Had practice today. Today Brent and I were holding hands. We are starting to do that more! Mrs. Leatherwood saw us and giggled like “Oh, that’s sweet!”

Sept. 17

I got the biggest shock of my life today. Mrs. McGee accused me of taking drugs! We had a big long talk and I admitted it to her. I cried. Man, she accused almost everyone on the squad.

Sept. 18

Brent and I went to Kim Snieder’s party. I took 3 hits of speed. I felt good until I got in the car. Talk about sick!! We kissed! I was up all night. This may be my last bout with drugs.


Sept. 19

We had practice this morning at 10a and then a soccer game at 12. Brent always comes to the soccer games. Tommy Tomlinson and I are becoming good friends.

Sept. 20

The guy that I met at Libertyland, Chris Rhodes, took me out last night. Never again, let me tell you. He was the rudest person I could have picked. I hope he never calls again.

Sept. 21

I told everyone at school about my gross date. Brent went to a party that night by himself. Everyone was surprised I didn’t go out with him. I guess everyone thinks we’re a couple now!

Sept. 22

We had a football game today. You should have seen my baby run the ball that one time! He did pretty good. He’s a quarterback. He called me yesterday.

Sept. 23

We got our progress reports today. Didn’t do too good either. Every single grade was a C. Only one A in art. I love art. And Miss Leatherwood. Maybe that explains the grade.

[You can see how little I was learning at FCAA. I didn’t know how to study and this new level of learning was a tough transition.]

Sept. 24

We had practice til our arms fell off today. Kim White still doesn’t like me and I wish I knew why. I can’t wait until tomorrow at the Mid-South Fair.

Sept. 25

Half a day of school today. Competition wasn’t up to par at the fair. We didn’t make it to the finals. We just got a red ribbon. Went out with Brent, Gogo and Elizabeth. She is really nice. Had fun.

Sept. 26

We lost the soccer game. Gogo’s party was really the ultimate. No more drugs for me and boy, did I have fun! I was dancing constantly. Brent took me. We kissed pretty long when we came home.

Sept. 27

My one day out of the week that I have off. I didn’t do a thing! I rode our new motorcycle a little and read and watched tv. Got to get rested up.

Sept. 28

Good day in school but after school it turned disaster. Momma got mad at me because I didn’t know where the soccer game was. McGee was on everyone’s case and we lost the football game.

Sept. 29

Something is really bugging me. Brent didn’t say hi; hardly even looked at me today. I heard through the grapevine he thinks I don’t like him. He’s crazy! I’ve got to fix this up some way!

Sept. 30

I tried a little harder today, but Brent just won’t flirt back. I know he sees me, but he just passes by. I told him I couldn’t go out this week end. Maybe that is why.
Oct. 1

Billy Squire and Foreigner concert was great. Sherry Watkins found her a guy. Some were looking at me! Dressed up real nice. No drugs. I had a good, good time.

Oct. 2

Went to the fair with Kathy Stearns, Glenn, her mom, practically her whole family. It was pretty fun, but I felt pretty queasy after I got off of that Enterprise! I am getting a cold already. It’s pretty cold.

Oct. 3

Didn’t go with Daddy and Keith to the craft show because I have got the worst cold! Boy, did I feel crummy. I’m glad it’s not a weekday though. I hope I didn’t miss much at the craft show.

Oct. 4

Reviewed some for my American History test. I feel a lot better today. Just sat back and took it easy. Watched some tv. Maybe go to the doctor tomorrow.

Oct. 5

Pep rally went okay today. I was really pouring on the flirting today with Brent so to make sure he knows I like him! Went to the doctor for my asthma. Got a shot. I almost died at the pep rally. Brent is so cute!

Oct. 6

The start of freshman initiation. Clothes inside out. Run errands for the seniors. Brent scored a great touchdown today! We won the football game! I am so proud of him! Whoa!!

Oct. 7

I’m on my sick bed again. My feet are so broken out I can’t walk. Went to the doctor. Stayed home from school and caught up on General Hospital. I love that show!

Oct. 8

Sian Perry, Marci Stamm and I went to see Mommy Dearest today. The book was better I thought. Sian is really mature. She’s 16 and shorter than me. Marci has no luck with guys whatsoever.

Oct. 9

Ronny Cook and I went to the drive in. He looked cute and everything but he was drunk off his —. He wanted me to drink some, but no! Now I realize how much Brent means to me. It’s freaky.

Oct. 10

Brent and I went to Mike Hardy’s party. I wasn’t really in a partying mood, but I sure do like spending time with Brent. He kisses very romantic. We hugged tonight.  

Oct. 11

Today I walked our new dog named Rebel. He’s half German Shepard and half Irish Setter. Real cute. I’ve always wanted to walk my dog on a nice autumn Sunday afternoon.

Oct. 12

The day got better when school got out. We won the football game. Brent made another touchdown. (I’m so happy) and we won the soccer game. Brent came to it. I hugged him and we put our arms around each other.
Oct. 13

Brent is starting to sit behind me in biology. I passed the quiz today. We held hands today at lunch. Whoa!

Oct. 14

I actually did better than Brent on my biology quiz today, but I didn’t rub it in! Mom met him tonight at open house. She likes him. Boy, is he cute!

Oct. 15

I got elected most attractive of the freshman class. I came in second in best all around. Kim Dickson got wittiest. That’s what I wanted.

Oct. 16

Finally Brent asked me out for tonight. Our first date, out by ourselves, not at a party. Went to the drive-in. All we did was hold hands. Dad and Russell were out back when we came home.

Oct. 17

For our camping trip I was up at 5a. We drove and drove up to Kentucky. It was raining so much we just came home. No big deal.

Oct. 18

Today was a beautiful Sunday! I went to the flea market with Daddy and he bought me a brass unicorn! Beautiful. I also took Rebel for a walk in the park.

Oct. 19

Pretty good day. Got cheerleading pictures made. Won the football game. Talked to Brent afterwards. Mom said her dance teacher said I cheered Mike right up with just one phone call!

Oct. 20

Had cheerleading practice today. I got on the very top of a huge pyramid and fell, but luckily wasn’t hurt. I was shaking bad though!

Oct. 21

My report card is just so-so. I got three C’s, 1 B, and 2 A’s. A’s in art and P.E. A B in world history. I did better than I thought in English.

Oct. 22

Had our first basketball meeting today. I’m glad Coach Musik is our coach. We will have practice every day starting Tuesday. Can’t wait!

Oct. 23

Spent the night at Kathy Stearns’s house. It was kind of an honor because I adore her so much. Glen was over there. We bought her some make up and baked cookies.

Oct. 24

Got up early and sold cookies at the school chess tournament. Went to lunch with Mike Johnson which went well and spent the night at Amy Maulkin’s house. Had fun.

Oct. 25

Today I went back to Kathy’s house for cheerleading practice. I learned a new cheer and taught everybody one that I made up. It sure is getting cold!

Oct. 26

What a miserable, dreary, cold and rainy day it was today. We had to cheer in the rain for our last football game which we lost. Brent got hurt. He called me.


Oct. 27

At least it didn’t rain today! No homework. Our first basketball practice was today. It went pretty well. Nobody will be cut because only 10 tried out!

Oct. 28

This basketball practice is fun, but it sure does show you how out of shape you are. I pulled a back muscle today–bad! But no, I’m not gonna say nothing. As usual.

[What kind of martyr system is this? Why can’t I tell an adult that I pulled a back muscle?]

Oct. 29

My back sure was acting up today. Brought tears to my eyes during practice but I kept going. We got our practice jerseys today!

Oct. 30

What a great Journey concert. I tell ya, being on the 8th row is terrific! You could see every movement on Steve Perry’s face! Liz Dalton, Wendy Bois and I spent the night at Leigh Polopliskis’s.

Oct. 31

What a great date with Brent! A small Auburndale crowd was at the drive-in. We laid on top of Vic’s car and watched a scary movie. We kissed a lot! He kissed me on the forehead! Melt, melt.

Nov. 1

Kind of a dreary day. Mike Johnson and I went to Brunswick to play pool. He beat me 13 to 7. He asked for a goodbye kiss and I said no!! Had fun though.

Nov. 2

Oh dreary Mondays! But I always try to make the best of it. Brent is so cute! I don’t think I’m in love with him yet, but I may pretty soon.

Nov. 3

Brent didn’t feel good today, but he came to school and went to practice just the same! This Friday morning the cheerleaders are going to kidnap the football players.

[This was a school sanctioned tradition that happened every year, although I only remember doing it once. The parents were in on it because they needed to leave the door unlocked and they knew an entire cheerleading squad was going to come into their house. We would go into the guy’s room and wake him up with loud cheering and yelling. Once he was up and dressed, he’d come along with us to the next house until all the cheerleaders and football players were together. We ended up at a volunteer parent’s house for breakfast. It seemed super fun. It was interesting seeing people’s houses. One guy slept with zit cream all over his face and I’m sure he never lived that down for the rest of high school. Of course every house was large and beautiful except for one African American kid’s house. It was clean and neat, but very small and hot. I noticed how some of the kids found ways to compliment what little they had. The parents must have been working their asses off to put their kids in this expensive private school.]

Nov. 4

My asthma was acting up pretty bad today but I still trucked on. Had a good work out at basketball. I’ve got Brent saying “Fine. Forget it” now from Urban Cowboy.


Nov. 5

All cheerleaders spent the night at Lori’s house and at 3am we went and kidnapped the football players! Had breakfast at Kim White’s. Turned out good!

Nov. 6

After basketball practice (without sleep) I went out with Paul Barnes with his cousin and wife. We went out to eat and played pool. I lost 2 games in 2 hours!

Nov. 7

Brent and I went to a walk-in movie by ourselves and saw Arthur. Talk about hilarious! We went parking after that and just necked. Had a great time!

Nov. 8

Grandma Parish’s birthday. She’s 81. We went down to Sis’s like we always do and I really had a lot of fun! Seeing all my relatives.

Nov. 9

Marci Stamm’s birthday today. She has herself a brand new car. She took Leigh and I to eat at J. P. Seafields. It was per-tty fun!

Nov. 10

Our first scrimmage game is Friday. We’ve been practicing hard. I hope to God I don’t mess up! Brent will be there! He called me. We may go out Friday. (Hopefully.)

Nov. 11

Today in P.E. dance class John Nickerbocker and I were doing so well we were used as examples for everyone. Played pool at park and did pretty good.

Nov. 12

Brent has challenged me to play some pool with him. He’s on! I’ll tell ya how it turns out whenever we play!

Nov. 13

Our scrimmage game went terrible. We lost so bad it wasn’t even funny. Brent took me to his house where his parents and us watched tv.

Nov. 14

For the first time in a long time I went skating and God am I glad! I met this guy named Jean. He has my number and I pray he will call!! PLEASE!

Nov. 15

Went to mall with Sherry. Didn’t really do nothing. Jean didn’t call. God I wish he would. Brent did though. He always calls but has nothing to say.

Nov. 16

Had cheerleading and basketball practice today. I think Brent is mad at me but I don’t know why. All I want is for Jean to call. He’s probably forgotten me.

Nov. 17

Gogo’s birthday. I gave him a card. He thanked me about four times. I think he is really nice.

Nov. 18

I got extremely mad at b-ball practice today. Sometimes it goes good, other times bad.

Nov. 19

Finally, finally, finally! Jean called me! My gosh I’m so happy! We talked a short while. He said he would call me back sometime. (Hopefully this is true.)

Nov. 20

Thank God it’s Friday! Our first basketball game we lost. We did better than the first time though. Brent got re-hurt. But our pep rally went well.

Nov. 21

15! What a great birthday! Mom and the family finally gave me a camera! Grandma–a photo album. Aunt Carolyn–a little unicorn. I beat Brent 7 to 5 at pool! Had a great time!

Nov. 22

Went to b-ball practice. Then met Kathy and Jody there. Only for a few minutes. Mom bought me some jeans and a sweater.

Nov. 23

Rainy day. Good day with Brent. Class rings come in on Dec. 4. I’m hoping! We lost our games by 12 short points. I made 2 points. Brent did good in his game but they lost too.

Nov. 24

At least the sun came out today. Brent is getting to where he will just come up and grab my hand. That’s good! I like him so much.

Nov. 25

Last day of school for the holidays. Didn’t do much today. The school has lost my school pictures so I have to take them over. Pissed.

Nov. 26

Had a very nice Thanksgiving day. We all went to the Executive Inn and to Aunt Carolyn’s. I watched General Hospital and we all played Uno.

Nov. 27

Went to stores today. Talked to Marci a minute. Brent came over and we watched Foxes. He didn’t leave until 1:20a. My parents were real cool.

Nov. 28

Mostly did nothing today. I’ve been thinking of him so much. He finally called back–Jean. He asked me out–but lucky me–I already promised to babysit.

Nov. 29

Another do-nothing say. Feels good though! Watched Black Beauty and Headed for Hollywood on cable. Babysat til 12:15. Now I have 21.50 for Christmas shopping.

Nov. 30

A rainy Monday. What a way to end Thanksgiving holidays. Oh well. I get to see Brent every day again. We went good together today.

Dec. 1

I get so pissed off at Coach Musick during b-ball practice it’s not even funny! I have gained 25.00 for Christmas shopping by babysitting.

Dec. 2

I wish our school jackets would come in. They’re supposed to before Christmas. I took some pictures at school today.

Dec. 3

I’m going to try to get a picture of Brent and I together for a Christmas present. If I can get him to pose for once!

Dec. 4

I have been hoping all week to receive Brent’s class ring today. Now I find out he didn’t order one! We lost. I got very pissed. Brent lost too.

Dec. 5

Went Christmas shopping today. Got Brent a pair of gloves. I stole a 14.00 bracelet. It was so pathetically easy! We lost (again). Varsity almost won. They should have.

Dec. 6

I got all fixed up, but no place to go! I took down some posters today. Try to make my room look a little more adult maybe. Went to dinner with Mom and Dad.

Dec. 7

Not bad for a Monday. I am dreading mid-term exams like hell. I’ll be cramming man! Jim Cox and Paul Barnes called. Jim is really nice. We think the same.

Dec. 8

Finally, finally, finally!! We won our first game! Went into overtime over Memphis Prep 44 to 39! Varsity boys won too! I made 2 points. Brent played good.

Dec. 9

Good day with Brent. We get along well, but rarely do we ever get into a real conversation. We don’t talk much, ya know? But we do fine.

Dec. 10

I actually got a C on my algebra test today. Nine weeks test tomorrow. Exams next week. What a bitch. Brent called. Asked me out to double with Gogo and Gail.

Dec. 11

Today was the day I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Brent brought me home. After kissing we were intermittently holding and looking at each other and I burped. Face to face.

Dec. 12

Finally bought Keith and Mom’s Christmas presents. I also bought a picture of a unicorn for me. Didn’t go out or nothing. Peaceful night at home.

Dec. 13

Went motorcycle riding today. I love it. Had a few crashes though, but that goes along with the fun. Ate at Loeb’s with the gang at breakfast.

Dec. 14

Review day before exams. Boy, did I cram tonight! Went to Mrs. Nivitiches for Algebra. I studied from the time I got home til 11p!

Dec. 15

Did pretty good on my biology and world history exams today. I don’t like taking them though! Good day with Brent. He called me. We’re double dating with Gogo to ZZ Top.

Dec. 16

Finally! I got my letter jacket today! It says “cheerleader” on the back. I love it! I’ve always wanted one! Brent is the sweetest thing. He asked me out for Friday night.

Dec. 17

Last day of school for the holidays. Thank goodness. I can’t believe it but I got a C average for my English class! What a relief. I just goofed around the rest of the day.

Dec. 18

We won the tournament game tonight. Brent played the whole game and made about 17 points! After the game we went to this house, alone. Completely innocent. I had a great time!

Dec. 19

Today I began making a ponpon routine to I’m Alive. It’s gonna be great. Mom did great as the Grandma and Momma Ginger tonight in the Nutcracker. Tomorrow I’m going to see Amy do it.

Dec. 20

Today was a great day. I went with mom to the theater and stood backstage and caught all the excitement! I also went to my first cast party. Amy was terrific!

Dec. 21

Boy, does it feel good on a Monday morning not having to get up! I’m helping Mom clean around the house and I get to watch General Hospital.

Dec. 22

Really got into my soap opera today! Whoa, it’s getting good! I babysat for the Whites for 3 hours and I got 6 dollars! Boy was that an easy dollar!

Dec. 23

Mom brought our presents home from Grandma’s today. Keith has less than I do because he’s also getting a motorcycle! Charlie McWhorter called me!

Dec. 24

Paul Barnes came over. He gave me a heart necklace. I love it! Brent gave me a brass unicorn! Our yearly Christmas party at Aunt Carolyn’s went great! Got a nightshirt, nail color kit, film, money.

Dec. 25

My Christmas was really great this year! I got a lighted make-up mirror, clothes, a unicorn charm, jewelry holder, a purse, candy, a floating heart, necklace. It was great! Oh, and legwarmers.

Dec. 26

The Christmas party at Grandma Parish’s was a blast. She gave me a chain I can put my unicorn on. Jane gave me a headband and make-up.

Dec. 27

Went to the mall with Sherry and ended up spending the night. I had fun. We looked at a Playgirl book. (My first.) Just messed around!

Dec. 28

Marci Stamm is trying to set me up with Mark Ross. I wouldn’t mind it, but Brent and I are pretty serious. I consider myself lucky.

Dec. 29

Today makes 3 months that I have been dating Brent. That is a pretty good record. Jim Cox called to say he like my card. He’s nice.

Dec. 30

I conclude that going to basketball practice during the holidays is a drag! Brent, Gogo, Gail and I went to the Liberty Bowl. Ohio over Navy 31 to 28. My team almost won!
Dec. 31

This year I had a great New Years Eve! ZZ Top concert was great with Brent, Gogo, and Gail. I’ve spent the last five years with this diary. That’s a long time! No more drugs. Will power. Met Brent. Auburndale is so great. Cheerleader, basketball, softball. I love pool! I love life.


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