1979:  (Twelve years old)

Jan. 2

I started this year off as great as ever: got in a heck of a fight with Kathy.

Jan. 3

Kathy is moving in February. Thank goodness. I hope she doesn’t come to my school next year.

Jan. 4

I can’t wait till Mom and Dad give me their bedroom set. I am going to take all my posters

Jan. 5

down and only put up Bee Gees and Andy Gibb because they are THE BEST.

Jan. 6

The Bee Gees are so super. They won 2 music awards and can sing! They all are the most!

Jan. 7

I can’t think of anybody who can top them.

Jan. 8

I forgot to write this, but last year Kathy and I tried out for the Gong Show.

Jan. 9

We danced to Disco Kid by BCR, but we didn’t make it. It was a lot of

Jan. 10

fun though. The show airs Jan. 18th.

Jan. 11

It is supposed to snow tonight. I wish the summer would come so badly. I just

Jan. 12

love summertime. Especially summer nights.

Jan. 13

There is now a new “kids disco” called Studio 16. I’ve only been there once but

Jan. 14

I am going next Saturday night…KISS night. It is so much fun. They

Jan. 15

have black lights and strobe lights and all different colors too! Everyone was

Jan. 16

watching me dance! Some guys were even grabbing at me! As usual, my

Jan. 17

Dad told me and Kathy before we went to not smoke anything or take any pills.

Jan. 18

The Gong Show was crummy. I just watched it to see if anyone was on there I knew.

Jan. 19

He should know by now, by the way he brought me up, I that I wouldn’t do such a

Jan. 20

thing. I know what is good and bad for myself. When I go on KISS night I am going to make

Jan. 21

my face up like Paul Stanley because his is the easiest to do!

Jan. 22

Kathy just plain ignored me at recess today. She is so stuck up. I hate her.

Jan. 23

Today we had to move desks. I sit by everyone gross except Betty and Ronnie. Kathy sits by Craig.

Jan. 24

Kathy Marshall just absolutely LOVES to talk about Craig around me to other people.

Jan. 25

She is so inconsiderate. I think Jody is going to become a good friend after all.

Jan. 26

Today we had a basketball game and won A. U. [as usual]

Jan. 27

I went to the disco with Jody and Betty. Jody is secretly going with Terry Logan, but I can’t tell anybody.

Jan. 28

Today Dad, Keith and I went to the car show. It was pretty good. Lazer I was fantastic.

Jan. 29

At school we have to give a one minute speech. I have to talk about myself. Craig has “my girlfriend”!

Jan. 30

Sherry Watkins’s sister is pregnant! She is going to get married! What a secret!

Jan. 31

Craig is more talkative nowadays. Craig and Mike called. Friday night to the movies with Craig.

Feb. 1

I am not allowed to play with Kathy anymore and I’m glad. My Dad called her an idiot.

Feb. 2

Kathy has a way of making up with people, but she is so mean sometimes.

Feb. 3

I love Mike and Craig.

Feb. 4

Kathy’s new house is so pretty. She has her own room. It’s a lot bigger.

Feb. 5

I like Mike [Rutherford] and Craig Tucker. Craig didn’t play too good at the game. But we won anyway.

Feb. 6

Mike said that I was pretty. He calls me every day. He trusts me and doesn’t want me in trouble.

Feb. 7

Jody is now going with Ronnie Banton. She just dropped Terry! Poor thing.

Feb. 8

Craig made me furious. I am going with Mike and I’m proud of it!

Feb. 9

I’m a bad girl! Kathy and I snuck over to Tommy Armstrong’s house to neck. Nitch nitch.

Feb. 11

I hate Mike’s guts. How could I ever had gone with him? We frenched.

Feb. 12

Everyone says I have a hickie. Mike didn’t give me one. Who did?!

Feb. 13

Craig called. I wonder why! I hope he isn’t playing a trick! How can I find out? Ask him.

Feb. 14

I still don’t know about Craig. I don’t want to get too involved just to be dropped!

Feb. 15

I feel sooo good. I’m soooo free. Just as a bird. But, it is pretty boring.

Feb. 16

Kathy is sooooo mean!

Feb. 17

Kat thinks she is so big!

Feb. 18

I love my new hairdo! I wear it different every day!

Feb. 19

The banquet isn’t far away. There is some asking going on!

Feb. 20

Jody is going with Ronny. Kathy Mullen with Bill. Me with Tommy I think!

Feb. 21

Today I started going with Tommy Armstrong. He is so cute! He came over. NO KISSING.

Feb. 22

Tommy is so cute. But here’s only one jip: he is so mean to others.

Feb. 23

[In this space but dated 12/30/79 I wrote]

I can’t stand Tommy Armstrong.

Feb. 24

Tommy Armstrong stinks. He’s a big bastard.

Feb. 28

[dated 12/30/79]

Steven Wiley is the craziest guy I know. Like Missy Vansickle.

Feb. 29


Tommy kisses slobbery.

Mar. 1

Tommy and I met at the studio. He kissed me three times. Wow.

Mar. 2

Tommy sure is building it up. He pulled a knife on a nigger at skateland.

Mar. 3

Tommy absolutely hates niggers. He makes me mad.

Mar. 4

Tommy says he drinks and all this stuff. In 5th grade!

Mar. 5

Tommy is mean!

Mar. 9

Today Kathy and Tommy got into it. Tom booped Kat right in the eye!

Mar. 10

That got me steamin’ so we broke it off. I really bawled him out! He said he would

Mar. 11

change. I said that didn’t change anything. I really let it out!

Mar. 12

Mike started calling.

Mar. 13

Mike and I started going together–again! Don’t ask why. I really don’t know.

Mar. 14

I’m going to get a new bedroom set. I can’t wait. Brass bed. Oh great.

Mar. 15

I can’t wait till summer. I’ll get a great tan.

Mar. 16

I’m going to try to break it off before summer so I can be free!

Mar. 17

At long last. I’m not going to go with anyone else. Unless he is more mature.

Mar. 18

Mike came over. We got down! On the bed. Not in…on. No stripping. Kissing!

Mar. 19

Mike loves me so much! I don’t love him.

Mar. 20

In chapel today Kathy and I cracked up to the song Rise Up!

Mar. 21

First day of spring. Today I was in a bad mood. Don’t ask why. Mike called.

Mar. 22

Mike and I broke up! I told you I would get rid of him before summer. I’m glad.

Mar. 23

I’m free. I’m gonna stay this way too!

Mar. 24

I went skating and it was fun. I had a good time with Tammy and them.

Mar. 25

A great movie came on called Sooner or Later starring Denise Miller and Rex Smith. It was super!

Mar. 26

Paul [Barnes] has really fallen for me! Yuck! Someone wrote Tiffany and John [Faust] on the bathroom wall.

Mar. 27

You would never guess who I met today! My dream man. We met at the

Mar. 28

park. His name is Rex Smith. He is 17. I was shooting basketball and he started

Mar. 29

shooting too! We got talking. He thought I was 15! He is gorgeous.

[Meeting Rex Smith is obviously a fantasy that I am writing as reality in my diary. I remember continuing the fantasy at school; trying to make the other kids believe that I was actually going with a guy who looked exactly like Rex Smith. I still remember becoming captivated by the movie mentioned above and how the topic resonated…an older man falling for a much younger girl. The idea of going with an “older man” was very central to my teenage life. None of my classmates were convinced that I was actually going with the guy whose picture I carried. They’d all seen him on tv.]

Mar. 30

I saw Rex at the park again. He is sooo nice and cute. A total fox!

Mar. 31

I think he likes me! I love him!

April 1

Rex asked me to go with him. I absolutely can not believe this! He kisses great!

[Superimposed over the top of this text is written “April Fool.”]

April 2

I told Kathy about Rex, but she does not believe me. I know it.

April 3

Rex kisses great.

April 4

His ring was too big. He wouldn’t let me wear it.

April 5

Rex laid one on me today! We were in the chair. He wrote me a note.

April 6

Rex is soooo cute! He is 5’6’’, blond/brown hair. And can kiss!!!!

April 7

Rex couldn’t come over and he didn’t call. Meany!

[It is interesting that an obvious fabrication was carried so far in a supposed private diary. It is almost as if I couldn’t even be completely honest with myself. It also indicates that I either knew or suspected that my diary would be read by other people and I would have to have my story straight on paper.]

April 8

I sure wish Rex would call! His line is always ringing; nobody home.

April 9

Rex, you better call!

[Why, in my fantasy, do I have my dream guy ignoring me?]

April 10

Finally Rex called and said he had been “very busy.” He asked me to come over.

April 13

Betty spent the night and Rex called. Betty talked to him.

April 14

I saw “Hair” with Betty. It was sooooooooo super. Better than Grease! Hard to beat!

April 15

Happy Easter. Rex went to Grandma’s. Everyone was teasing me about him.

April 16

Rex french kissed me! Oh, man, he kisses good! He said he would buy me a bathing suit!

April 17

There is a singer whose name is Rex Smith! That’s weird!

April 18

Rex bought me a bathing suit–green. I got some summer clothes too!

April 19

Rex let me wear his father’s ring around the house.

April 20

I went to Rex’s house. We talked, watched tv and kissed. So cute!

[I can see that I fantasized a lot about kissing. Even though Rex is not real, we can see the focus of my fantasies and what I would have liked to have been doing with a boyfriend. The bit about wearing a guy’s ring…that was very, very big in my teenage consciousness. Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s wearing a guy’s too-big class ring was all the rage. There were even homemade techniques for making it smaller without damaging the ring. I always wanted one. I even asked my dad if he had a class ring so I could wear it and show it off as an older boy’s ring. My father did not graduate from high school, so did not have a ring. I probably asked him during this time period in order to perpetuate the Rex fantasy to my friends.]

April 21

I went skating. I got 4 bruises! They hurt!

April 22

I went to Rex’s house. It was fun. I met his friend Jeff. He’s cute too!

April 23

Rex came over. I love him.

April 24

There is a singer named Rex Smith and he is soooo cute. He can sing good too.

April 25

Rex came over and we had a very long talk and we came to the conclusion

April 26

that we should be able to see other people. He said he knew I was boy crazy

April 27

and looked at every cutie in town and that he couldn’t resist either.

April 28

He didn’t want to go behind my back so we are seeing other people. At least he is.

[Why would I have my imaginary relationship end in this manner?]

April 29

I just can’t wait til summer.

April 30

Studio 16 is moving to Frasier and there is a new one opening called Escapade.

May 1

I haven’t been there yet, but I will!!

May 2

I love the night life. I love to boogie. On the disco floor.

May 3

Read the above [date May 3 in 1978]. Grease got tied by “Hair.” That movie was soooo

May 4

good!! Treat Williams is really a fox!!

May 7

Mother’s Day is on the way!!

May 8

We colored a picture in school for Mother’s Day. She liked it.

May 9

Mr. Lum at recess is surrounded by 5th grade girls lately!!

May 10

I really don’t know why!! No–just kidding. Mr. Lum is really cute.

May 11

In a way!!

May 13

I cannot wait until 7th grade. Jr. High here I come!!

May 15

I have gotten my room re-done. It is now yellow and white and some

May 16

green. It looks really good.

May 19

Rex gave me a hicky. I showed it to 2 people.

[Who the heck is giving me a hicky if Rex is imaginary?]

May 20

Missy and Betty. Rex and I still

May 21

love each other but we see other people, as you already know.

May 29

I went with Mike Wallace to the banquet. It was the WORST.

May 30

Rex got in a very bad fight with Stan. Ugh!!

[Fist fighting was deemed very macho and dangerous. Men were supposed to fight for their women and both of their reputations.]

May 31

School’s out!! What a party too!! I am so glad summer is here!!

June 1

It is cloudy. What’s the fun being out if it rains?

June 2

I went to see “Jaws” with Betty and guess who I saw in the ice cream shop? Ron Olsen–son of Mr. and Mrs. Olsen!! He is so cute!!

June 4

Rex sure does make me mad sometimes!! See!!

June 5

Rex and I got in a fight. Too bad. We see other people so not too bad.

June 6

On December 30 I went to see “Roller Boogie” with Linda Blair and Jim Bray. Great.

June 7

Keith and I played 6 hours of Monopoly. He won!!

June 8

Kathy went to Florida and her mom got married to Ronnie.

June 9

I went skating. Jagger said, “I’ve seen you somewhere before!” I was so tired when I got home.

June 10

I saw a really cute guy at the hardware store today. He looked at me.

June 11

I can’t wait until the skating party tomorrow. Tina Boren called and asked to go to Libertyland.

June 12

That skating party was soooo fun—and tiring! Mick Jagger’s name is Frank.

June 13

Libertyland was great. Rode the Revolution three times and the log ride seven times!! Lots of cute boys!!

June 14

I went swimming today with Missy. I saw Frank there!! He left about 30 minutes!!

June 15

I went to the flea market with Mom and Dad. Carrie went and she wanted to spend the night.

June 16

Made 3 dollars babysitting. One dollar an hour!! Pretty good!!

June 17

Kelly Hood is in town from up North. She’s coming over tomorrow.

June 18

Kelly visited today. She is FAT!! We visited Penny. I want to be her friend.

[In my mind, Penny Banks was impossibly cool. She was tall, skinny, and had boobs. She parted her hair down the middle into fly backs and she smoked cigarettes under the street light right across from her house. She had pictures of the Beatles on her wall and you could smell the marijuana wafting from her older brother’s room. She burned incense in the house and knew how to make tuna salad from just tuna and mayo. I wanted to be her.]

June 19

Kathy came back from Florida. She might spend the night tomorrow night.

June 20

Kathy spent the night. We went to sleep about 3:00am. Not fabulous!!?

June 21

I went swimming today. I saw this real cute guy. We were flirting with each other!!

June 22

I didn’t feel good today but made 4 dollars babysitting. Might go skating tomorrow.

June 23

At Skateland I had 50-50 fun. I met Jimmy there and I saw Vicki, Missy, Kathy, Trisha and Frank.

June 24

Today I mostly thought about Jimmy. He’s a great liar. I can’t figure the guy out!!

June 25

I spent the night with Michelle Compton. Her house is the messiest thing you have ever seen.

June 26

I went swimming at the park. I saw my boyfriend (in the red trunks) there. We were flirting.

June 27

I went to the golf tournament today and came three feet from President Gerald Ford.

June 28

Made a new boyfriend today–Johnny. Lee showed a boa today. It was far out!! Johnny and I kissed. 1.

June 29

Johnny asked me to go with him. He’s so cute. Got DEEP brown eyes. No kissing today. Darn.

[Just like Craig Tucker, who I chased on and off for years, Johnny had those dark, dark brown eyes that almost look black. I’ve always been drawn to them.]

June 30

Camping is so fun!! Some cute guy across the way. Fun swimming. Inter tubes!! Wall Doxey.

July 1

In advance for the 4th, Jodie and my family went to see yearly fireworks. When I got home I shot

July 2

some. Just Keith and I. Very lonely. Poor thing. Just kidding.

July 3

Jodie spend the night. We had LOTS  of fun. Stayed up till 4a. Affair with Danny.

[I remember one night Jodie McCullum spent the night. We made out by kissing and touching each other. I know this has happened previous to this entry, but making out with girls has so far not been mentioned. Even back in the days before Kelly Hood moved “up North” there had been a slumber party at Michelle Mount’s house during which we all paired off and made out in our sleeping bags. I recall the directives, but I don’t remember who I was with or what we did. I did not make out with Kelly though. It may have been Michelle, who, on another occasion, we slept in the same bed and spooned, perhaps naked. Around the same time (so, age 11 or younger) there was another girl…can’t even remember her name. We kissed more than once. I specifically remember going to visit her with kissing in mind. I found her in the garage working on a fort. I climbed up to see what she’d been working on. I had it planned out and I executed a forceful, long kiss. She let me. I don’t remember ever doing that again even though it was successful. Maybe I’m forgetting her telling me she wasn’t into that before I left!]

July 4

Johnny didn’t come over so I didn’t give him my letter yet.

July 5

Stayed home today. Johnny hasn’t come over. I’m getting worried. Maybe he left me!?

July 6

Rather boring day! Johnny didn’t show. I’m gonna hang around the park tomorrow.

July 7

Johnny still didn’t show up. I still haven’t given him the letter either.

July 8

I asked if I could start playing with Penny today and got a big

July 9

long discussion about how she’s too old for me and she might get

July 10

involved with heavy stuff. (Cried too.) Then I lost Jody. Now only Betty.

July 11

I’ve got to check out Little Ernie’s, Escapade and Disco Break. Boogie down.

July 12

I absolutely cannot stand Kat Marshall. She bugs the shit out of me.

July 13

At least she’s going to Graham Heights next year. Johnny asked to fuck me today.

[Oh my god…is that the wording he used? I didn’t even know I knew this word at the age of 12. Shit!]

July 14

Went to the mall with Betty. My friend got some cigarettes.

[I was always so fascinated with smoking. Coming out of the seventies and the hippie movement, I found it to be grown up and impossibly cool.]

July 15

Jody called and said Johnny wants to break up with me. Dropped her as a friend.

July 16

Jodie and I yelled it out at the pool. Made me feel better. We’re friends again. I told her she

July 17

better break up with Johnny or never again have me as a friend. She’s going to break up.

July 18

Went over Missy’s house. We had fun. Jodie didn’t call. I wonder if she’s really going to break up.

July 19

Jodie came over today. We talked to Penny. She broke up with Johnny. He was so high!

[Okay, so by age 12 I know about marijuana and “fucking.”]

July 20

Spin Art boomed out today. 22.00. I got paid 7.

July 21

Went to the mall. Bought a Bee Gees shirt and a Hair book and Karloff and Corp. book.

July 22

I spent the night with Betty. We had fun.

July 23

I came home from Betty’s. You CAN get tired of a person.

July 24

Rather boring day. I told Keith that I smoked and he made me swear not to. I had my fingers crossed.

July 25

For our summer vacation we are going to Colorado. Aspen for a week! Great!!

July 26

I got some new library books today. Plus I made up with Kathy.

July 27

Went to Lil’ Ernie’s with Missy. Met Les Vance and Tommy Armstrong. They were all over me.

[I recall a moment of this evening. The above mentioned were all sitting at a table and Tommy suddenly lunged forward and kissed me for quite a few long seconds. I was stunned. He left the table and I remember Missy asking me, “Did he French kiss you?” I replied, “I don’t know.” That’s how much I knew about kissing…for all my talk. When I use the phrase “all over me” I wonder about the specifics. An earlier entry mentions me dancing and guys trying to grab me. How so? How did they attempt to touch me? Where on my body? Did I want them to touch me? Did I know them?]

July 28

Went to the mall with Kathy, Jodie, Missy. We had fun. Met you-know-who there. Ha Ha!!

July 29

Went to Grandma’s. John’s birthday. Otherwise very boring.

July 30

Jo might spend the night over Grandma’s. Won’t that be fun!!

July 31

Dad smelled smoke in my room. I was almost finished then!!

Aug. 1

Jo and I are gonna have a club for 7th grade. It’s called Jr. High Superiors! Great club.

Aug. 2

Went over to Jo’s and found out “Kathy, Jackie and Kathy are best friends 4 ever” and they told on us for smoking.

Aug. 3

Missy, Jo and I went to the disco. It was so fun. The DJ was throwing albums and Jo caught one.

Aug. 4

Went skating. Had fun. Frank stared. He said “bye.” That means a lot!

Aug. 5

I went shopping with Mom. Got 3 jeans and caught a flick. “Just You and Me, Kid.” George Burns and Brooke Shields.

Aug. 6

Shaun Cassidy concert with Betty and Gail. I’m absolutely in love. I cried for an hour and a half. I can’t stand it.

[I do recall a crying jag after this, one of my first concerts. I think I was crying on the ride home. As we were pulling into the drive I think Mom clipped the tail of our black cat. I was upset about the cat and overwhelmed with emotion from seeing Shaun Cassidy so close. I remember joining the throng of girls in the aisle and made it so close to the stage that I could feel the air conditioners. I bought a poster. Something about the whole event just did me in and I couldn’t stop crying.]

Aug. 7

Cassidy is the most sexy single singer around. I’m totally devoted. I’m in LOVE.

Aug. 8

I’m gonna get my hair cut Rod [Stewart] style. I’ll tell ya about it when I get it which I don’t know when.

[I think wanting to have Rod Stewart’s hair has been with me all my life. I’m fifty and I still want Rod Stewart’s hair from the seventies.]

Aug. 9

Went swimming; last day. Made up with Kathy. John was flirting.

Aug. 10

Miss Bryant called from the school. Mom says I can’t go there and we’ll talk about it. Bummer.

Aug. 11

I went skating by myself. Boy, was I glad!! Finally got up a convo with Frank. He even asked for my phone number.

Aug. 12

Kiss came tonight. Not for me!! Except maybe Paul Stanley. (Betty.)

Aug. 13

Frank still didn’t call. He’s freakin’ me out! [I marked out] I hope he calls tomorrow or never!!

Aug. 14


Aug. 15

Our flight was an hour late. Our room was little. It was raining. I had to ride the gondola. When

Aug. 16

we got to the top I picked a whole bunch of flowers and found I couldn’t. Then we rode

Aug. 17

horses. I got kicked in the leg by “Big John.” It hurt like hell too!! Then we went from

Aug. 18

Vail to Aspen. It was raining there. We went horseback riding again. It rained. Had to go back

Aug. 19

after 20 minutes. Got in trouble because I didn’t eat my french fries. Saw a mouse in

Aug. 20

our room. Flight home got double sick. Went through an electrical storm an hour late. Didn’t we have fun?

Aug. 21

You’re never going to believe. I’m going to get a telephone for my birthday put in Friday! My own number: 323-2121.

Aug. 22

I got my hair cut today, perfect! Rod Stewart, look out!

Aug. 23

Went to the mall with Betty–Kevin’s birthday. Saw Lisa. Mom is leaving for Dallas tomorrow. YEAH.

Aug. 24

Today I got my new personal phone. Far out. School is on Monday. Can’t wait.

Aug. 25

Skateland. Frank asked for my new phone number. He said he loved me!! He said he would kiss me but the owner’s son was nearby.
Aug. 26

Frank did not call. I talked to Jodie who seems to be on Mullen’s side. I tell you all about it tomorrow.

Aug. 27

First day of school went perfect. Jamie flirted a lot! Two new cuties: Johnny and Ronnie. We all sit together. I’m on good basis. Great.

Aug. 28

Mr. Nichols said I looked like a girl he used to go with in college!! (Lamp)

[This is so inappropriate for a teacher to tell a 12 year old.]

Aug. 29

School is going good. Made a 100 on my social studies pop quiz.

Aug. 30

Volleyball practice then Missy and I went to the Rebel. Fun.

Aug. 31

Disco!! Had a blast. Met Phyllis (Mike and Ronnie’s sister.) Danced up a storm. Tore that place UP.

Sept. 1

Went skating. Met Johnny there. Missy and I had pizza with them and that’s not all.

Sept. 2

Went to Libertyland and met Johnny. Met some new friends: Michelle and others.

Sept. 3

Went to Boystown and saw Missy there. Okay time. Very tiring day.

Sept. 4

Joe hit on Susan and I got a threatening call from Tammy. Cussed me out. I told Jodie. She didn’t give

Sept. 5

a shit about it. I told Connie and Rhonda and they had the right idea. Gonna beat her ass if

Sept. 6

she lays a finger on me.

Sept. 7

I slapped Johnny today in class. Flirted with Dennis and Jeff. Bum pep rally. Bum friends.

Sept. 8

Optimist Country Fair time. Made $123.86. Not bad. Can’t win ‘em all.

Sept. 9

Got paid $20.00 for working the weekend. Got 3rd place in the jump walk classics. Yahoo.

Sept. 10

I liked to get picked up two times today. Funky and ugly. What a bum rap.

Sept. 11

Jeff keeps on a flirtin’. Missy scored with Ronny. Planning our slumber party rapidly!!

Sept. 12

Worked today. Spin Art, Germantown. Whew.

Sept. 13

Saw Troy S., Angel C., and Cristi [Templeton] at Germantown. Got paid $30.00.

Sept. 14

Mr. Nichols is a bummer for teacher. Pretty cute character though.

Sept. 15

Jeff Taylor came up with a big hickie today. Face it, I’m jealous.

Sept. 16

Changed my slumber party to Saturday so more can come hopefully.

Sept. 17

Mike, David, Missy and I are going to try to go to the fair on Friday.

Sept. 18

Missy and I still haven’t gone to the fair. I want to go with friends, but who??

Sept. 19

Not Kathy Mullen. Who?!?

Sept. 20

Went to the mall with Betty. She got a far out suit for the disco. Her sister dragged along.

Sept. 21

Skating. What fun. Kathy who was there; got in a mean one. Got a new guy on my feet–Roger.

Sept. 22

Slumber party was a bash. Went to the disco. Got Joe Mooney on my track.

Sept. 23

Met Joe Mooney at the park. Jerry B. and Jr. were there. They got high. Not me!!

Sept. 24

Jeff Taylor said he liked what I was wearing. Homecoming is coming up. Step back!!

Sept. 25

Fell off my bed in my brace. Almost killed myself. My shoulder hurts like hell.

Sept. 26

Played hooky but spent the whole day at the doctor. Voted for homecoming. Nobody voted for me.

Sept. 27

My shoulder got better. Went to school.

Sept. 28

Tiffany did not decide to use this space provided. Do with the proceeding as you wish.

Oct. 4

Today was ‘50’s day. All the girls kissed all the boys. Jeff called me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct. 5

Met Jeff at the park. He fingered me. He asked me to go to bed. I said no. He got mad. He lost his dignity.

Oct. 6

Went to homecoming. Kathy won. Phillip was there!! Saw Banton. He was cute.

Oct. 7

Left the phone off the hook so nobody could call. Like Jeff or Phillip.

Oct. 8

Today I stayed away from Jeff. Friction and I’m glad.

Oct. 9

Nathan is starting to flirt. So is Steve Panel. Passed the social studies test with ease. Jody spends the night Friday.

Oct. 10

Since I told Jeff Taylor no he has nothing to do with me. He’s on Rhonda’s case now. I’m not surprised. My lord.

Oct. 11

Told Rhonda about Jeff. I don’t think she quite got it. Tomorrow Jodie (Ginny) spends the night.

Oct. 12

Jody and Brandon are on the verge of going together. Hope they do. Brandon: pop that question!!

Oct. 13

Today Mom, Keith, Dylan, John, Jo and I went to the Funfest. Did we have fun!! Mom met a school teacher: John.

Oct. 14

Got some far out new ankle boots today. Besides that–NOTHING!!!!!!

Oct. 15

Wore my boots today. Everyone laughed. Well, to hell with them!! Jo is working on Brandon–still.

Oct. 16

Jo and Brad had to break up temporarily because of basketball tryouts. In a week they’ll be back together.

Oct. 17

It seems Brandon is taking this opportunity of freedom to get things settled with

Oct. 18

Phyllis…like still like her. He promised he would go with Jo on Monday.

Oct. 19

Well I doubt that very seriously.

Oct. 20

That Phyllis never gives up, does she? She wrote Brandon a note saying that

Oct. 21

she just loved him so much. So does Jo. She might as well give up. Bran and Phyl: the yo-yo.

Oct. 22

Found out that Bran invited Phyl to a big bash. FINE.

Oct. 23

This guy named Tim House all of a sudden noticed me. I’ve been discovered–boy am I glad!

Oct. 24

Tim seems to be the “Taylor” type–flirts with every girl in the hall. He’s in 10th grade and

Oct. 25

very cute. Today we were flirting again. It’s been the same all week. Man, what a trip.

Oct. 26

Had fun babysitting tonight. Got 6.00. Well.

Oct. 27

Found a FANTASTIC stereo at Sears today. I know my Christmas. I only HOPE. Dreaming.

Oct. 28

Went to the mall with Betty and found my old enemy: Kathy Marshall. She’s got on a happy face.

Oct. 29

I don’t think Tim House likes me. Stacey said he has another girlfriend. Just my luck.

Oct. 30

I’m in love with Tim. I know it’s just a crush, but I got it bad.

Oct. 31

Didn’t go trick or treat. I just stayed home and watched tv. Kathy and Kathy and Jackie came trick or treating at my house.

Nov. 1

I love Tim!!

Nov. 2

Tim didn’t say one word to me at the football game. Got mad. We lost the championship to Graham Heights. Too bad.

Nov. 3

Spent the night with Kim Mullen last night. We had fun. We went to the football game and to the mall. (Got in trouble for staying too late.)

Nov. 4

Went to Sunday school. I had fun! Pop Music was number one song of Casey’s Countdown.

Nov. 5

We had our first basketball practice today. It was really fun. Guess who was there? Tim!! Love him!

Nov. 6

Tim said hi and bye…cause I told him to. Brandon sure is flirting. Jody Bryant said hi. WOW!

Nov. 7

Went to Dr. Van today. Doing alright. Wished I could have skipped school, but got there just in time for the science test!

Nov. 8

Tim is still the cutest thing in the school. Besides Jody and Charlie!

Nov. 9

Stayed home from school. I was sick. Missed basketball practice.

Nov. 10

Saturday. I feel better now. Went to basketball practice. I’m learning now!

Nov. 11

GOT MY STEREO!! It’s beautiful! Panasonic! Two foot speakers. It’s so cool!! I love it!!

Nov. 12

Sorry, no comment!

Nov. 13

We got our pictures day. Mine turned out good. I got a picture of Charlie Sturdevant and Jody Bryant. WOW!!

Nov. 14

Tim got suspended. He had a fight or something. All my pictures are gone now.

Nov. 15

Got sick and left school. I’m staying home tomorrow. Not really cause I’m sick…to get ready for the concert!

Nov. 16

The Styx concert was out of sight! You had to be there, man! Great show. Sold out. Bitchin’.

Nov. 17

Jody spend the night. We went to the park and snuck a bottle of Miller. YUCK!! (I tried not to show it.)

Nov. 18

I can’t wait til tomorrow. I’ll see my beloved Tim! My birthday week!

Nov. 19

Tomorrow is the day I’m supposed to find out if Rex is moving. Poor thing. BOO HOO. I’m crying my eyes out.

Nov. 20

Skating party was so-so. I got hurt and was crying and Jody hugged me three times! Brandon asked Jodie to go with him.

Nov. 21

Great birthday party. Went to Shakey’s then back home for the Bee Gees special. Man, I flipped out.

Nov. 22

Happy Thanksgiving. The family went out to the Executive Inn. WOW!! Both grandmas, Carolyn, Tony and us. Not Keith.

Nov. 23

Guess who is moving away and out of our school, homes, and most of all, lives! The Boxes! That’s the end of

Nov. 24

Phyllis. Brandon only liked her for what she had, not what she was. Nobody would like her then! Nobody could stand

Nov. 25

her in the end. Everyone didn’t get a kick out of her any more. I don’t get a kick out of her. I get a kick out

Nov. 26

of kicking her. I can’t stand that donkey sucking whore of a bitch. YAHOO

Nov. 27 and 28

Phyllis is gone!!!!  Phyllis is gone!!!!

Nov. 29

Missy Vansickle is getting on my nerves. She told everybody about Jeff and me.

Nov. 30

Jody wasn’t at school. I hope he isn’t sick. I’ve taken a fancy to him. Tim would not let me wear his jacket. That joke.

Dec. 1

I stayed up 1:30a and I got up at 2p. Had practice at 3p. Had party at 7p. One day in the life of a teenager!

Dec. 2

Got home from Jodie’s today. What a SUPER party. I got 4 hours sleep in all. I was the last one to fall. Jody was first.

Dec. 3

We lost our first basketball game by 5 points. I’m 2nd string. I saw Craig and Mike Tankersley! He’s still cute!

Dec. 4

Tim always calls me short. I call him short too! One day he said “I really am tall. Take off those

Dec. 5

shoes.” I did and he towered over me! Talk about a fox! And tall too!

Dec. 6

We won our basketball game 21 to 20. Jr. boys won 26-24. Senior girls lost. Senior boys won 40-41!! What fun.

Dec. 7

I accidentally bumped into Tim at school. He said, “Watch out.” I said, “I didn’t see you…you’re so tall.” What a smile he gave me!!

Dec. 8

Worked craft show. Pretty slow. Two guys fell for me. One was a nigger. GROSS OUT!!

Dec. 9

Good ol’ plain Sunday. Didn’t do a thing! But washed my hair. Painted my fingernails and pretended I was Shaun’s wife married one week ago.

Dec. 10

Varsity boys won 101 (?) to 48. Too bad, so sad. Tim makes ‘em win (by sitting on the bench!) Ha Ha

Dec. 11

I played in the basketball game. All of it! We lost 22-21. Oh well. We’ll get ‘em next time.

Dec. 12

Tim is still on the line. He told Kim he didn’t like me and he told Jody he did! Oh well. I’ll keep it up.

Dec. 13

Kay Nix told me to stay away from Tim. Kim says she didn’t say anything. I’ll forget him.

Dec. 14

Betty spent the night. We played prostitutes. We had fun though.

Dec. 15

I saw Tim practicing Bball today. I’m giving him the ‘ignore’ treatment. (It’s not working!)

Dec. 16

We had another game. I played almost all of it. I shot at the other goal, but I missed. I was so embarrassed.
Dec. 17

‘Lil Ernie’s went down without Randy Chambers. Now he has his own Studio 16! Way to go, Randy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec. 18

We lost to Raleigh Egypt again by 6 points; (five points last time). I may get to change schools next year! If I have any luck!

Dec. 19

Last day of school tomorrow. Parties all day. Yahoo.

Dec. 20

Betty got my Styx Cornerstone album for me. Butch got me some silver snowflake earrings from Avon.

Dec. 21

I went Christmas shopping today. I got Jody the most beautiful locket. It’s got

Dec. 22

a heart on it. We’re going to Carolyn’s for Christmas Eve again. Can’t wait to see Bobby!

Dec. 23

Bobby and Randy are still the cutest. Bobby said he wished I weren’t his cousin and passed me a compliment.

Dec. 24

Fantastic Christmas Eve party at Carolyn’s. I got 28.00. Pops gave Grandma 1,000!! Got my cowboy hat.

Dec. 25

Great Christmas! I got 11 albums, lots of clothes, a sled, a Wizard of Oz paint by numbers set and Parcheesi and Life and some

Dec. 26

powder and perfume. I sang Happy Birthday to God and had a very touching and beautiful conversation on

Dec. 27

Christmas day with him. Summer of ‘79 was the greatest so far.

Dec. 28

Got my new skates. They are white with white wheels with black writing.

Dec. 29

Went to Granny’s Xmas party. Rob and Brian [both Parish cousins] wanted it. They really came on strong. I loved it!!!!

Dec. 30

Went to bed at 3:30a. Watched the late show and slept on couch. What fun, man.

Dec. 31

Skating party helped bring in the new year right. Jody, Missy, Betty and I were all together at 12:00. Yahoo

Note: Remember that Jody McCollum is my first and foremost best friend. Tim, Jody and Charlie are the cutest.

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