1978: 11 Years Old

Journal Two: 1978  11 years old most of year

Jan. 1

Happy New Year!! 1978 Tiffany Lynn Parish here: quote–Kathy Marshall best friend. Doug Young boyfriend.

Jan. 2

We are starting back to school tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. To Doug!!

Jan. 3

Well I’m figuring out that Doug Young, cute as he is, is not my kind of man.

Jan. 4

Today was pretty good. Doug still likes me, but sometimes he thinks I just like him because he is funny. Not so.

Jan. 5

I think Doug and I are breaking up because he acts so weird. He tells nasty jokes and cusses and I don’t.

Jan. 6

Doug and I flew the coop! He acts weird, makes faces and always tries to be the center

Jan. 7

attraction. I hate that! So I got my bracelet back. Now I am free as a bird.

Jan. 8

There are two guys that I am pretty interested in: Paul Barnes and Mike Rutherford.

Jan. 9

In class Paul is always looking me up and down. He blows kisses too!

Jan. 10

While Mike is walking by winking and blowing kisses.

Jan. 11

But Mike (who I like most) is also interested in Kathy Marshall who is

Jan. 12

still my best friend. Well, anyhow, I can skate doubles with any guy that

Jan. 13

asks me!! They do ya know!!

Jan. 14

Kathy and I have been friends for over two years now and I think this year we will fight less!

Jan. 16

I am so used to writing 1977 instead of 1978. 197888

Jan. 17

I hate his [Doug’s] guts.

[This in response to a writing the year before that Doug hates my guts.]

Jan. 18

I wonder who will be my next LOVER!! HaHa

[Even before this age of being boy crazy I wish I could have shown myself the future and realized that school was much more important than boys. No kid listens to her parent, especially with hormones raging. Also, think about the kids who had no social life and were totally paying attention to school. They were bored and upset they didn’t have a social life!]

Jan. 19

We are having very bad weather in Memphis. It’s been this way for over two weeks.

Jan. 20

It is now April 23 really, but I haven’t been writing in soooo long I’ll just fill up pages! Doug Young is my boyfriend now, even though a few pages back he wasn’t, but that was a long time ago! Doug is more mature now that he knows his faults. Kathy is a pretty good friend but there could be one more trustworthy. We have fights sometimes. Last night I went to Tina Boren’s slumber party. She lives in a new house and boy, is it beautiful! Well anyway, every time we would play a game they would call out 1st, 2nd, 3rd and I would always be last. Tina, Missy Vansickle, Kathy Marshall and I were there and I was always last! At a slumber party the first one to go to sleep gets it. Well, they thought I was asleep and put my shoes in my sleeping bag, lotion on my pillow and toothpaste on my arm! I could have killed them. I got up and got dressed like nothing happened. Then they started acting right. It was done most by that chubby old Missy who did the most of it. The next day Kathy asked if I wanted to play tennis with her. I said yes and we had a pretty good time. But the party was the pits!

Feb. 2

Guess what? The banquet is April 28 which is really this Friday! Oh, I am so glad!! I’m going with Doug of course. Kathy is going by herself. Yes, Kathy Marshall!!

Feb. 4

She is going to wear a long white and pink dress. I am wearing a long white and brown dress.

Feb. 5

I can’t wait!! I take gymnastics on Wed. and Fri.

Feb. 6

My teacher is Mrs. Beard and she has a very bad temper. She yells and screams.

Feb. 7

I don’t think a person with a temper like that should be a teacher. But she is!!

Feb. 8

The big stars today are Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb, Donny and Marie [Osmond] and Charlie’s Angels of course!

Feb. 9

My favorite star magazine is Tiger Beat; it always has been.

Feb. 10

The last concert I went to was John Denver. Oh, he was fantastic!! Really great.

Feb. 11

I went to Opryland not too long ago and it was so much fun! We all went together.

Feb. 12

We were going to ride the Wabash Cannonball, but they closed down right

Feb. 13

when we came to it. But the rest was fun. I can’t wait til summer comes. It won’t be long!

Feb. 15

(Really April 24) Kathy Marshall got asked to go to the banquet by Terry Logan.

Feb. 16

Doug is so nice! I have dreams about him every night.

Feb. 17

It is really Tuesday night. I can’t wait til Friday! Oh!

Feb. 18

I remember how fun it was last year. Great. I hope it is BETTER this year.

Feb. 19

A third grader got asked by two third graders and one 6th grader!

Feb. 20

Last year I got asked by four people. This year I got asked by 4 people again!!

Feb. 21

Lisa Russum got her banquet dress at the Windmill! My mom said it was really pretty

Feb. 22

So is she! She went with Terry last year.

Feb. 23

Well the banquet finally got here. Well that day after school I was so excited! I went

Feb. 24

to the beauty shop and got my hair washed, cut, blow dried, and sprayed. I loved it!

Feb. 25

Then I got home, took a bath, (careful not to get my hair wet) and got cleaned up.

Feb. 26

Time passed so quickly. I painted my fingernails and toenails.

Feb. 27

then I got dressed. I thought I looked really nice. Then the doorbell rang! I was him!

Feb. 28

He looked soooooo gorgeous! I was in a white tux with brown velvet lining. So my mom took a picture of us and we got into the car.

Mar. 1

His mother said “Doug, why don’t you keep Tiffany’s ticket?” I had forgotten my

Mar. 2

ticket! Luckily we were still in the driveway. My mom ran and got it.

Mar. 3

After that mishap we were off! On the way there we saw Stanley (Brother

Mar. 4

Jones’s son) going there. He told us he was late; he had to take the pictures!

Mar. 5

It was fun but quiet up there. I wish we could drive all night, but we finally

Mar. 6

got there. Doug opened all doors for me. When we walked in, (the place

Mar. 7

was beautiful) I saw Kathy and Terry and Tina and John.

Mar. 8

When we got our picture made Doug put his arm around me.

Mar. 9

Then we found a seat. We sat around a while until dinner was served.

Mar. 10

We were last in line. We ate dinner and then we went for a little walk!

Mar. 11

We were about in the middle of our walk and Doug said, “Might as well hold hands.”

Mar. 12

Everybody else was. Then we got the word that they were giving out

Mar. 13

the awards so we had to run all the way back! Can you imagine?!

Mar. 14

When we finally got back they were fixing to start.

Mar. 15

There were 256 awards to be given out, so I knew I was in for a boring night,

Mar. 16

unless Doug wanted to do something else.

Mar. 17

But the trouble was he didn’t, so we just sat there. Every once in awhile I would

Mar. 18

glance at Kathy and Terry and they were having a ball! Kathy was sitting

Mar. 19

between Terry’s legs and he was all over her while me and Doug just

Mar. 20

sat there. Terry came over to me and said, “Don’t you think Doug is boring?”

Mar. 21

I said, “Yes!” He said, “Don’t you wish you would have gone with me?” I said, “Well,

Mar. 22

sorta!” I knew Doug could hear us. I wanted him to do something! Terry

Mar. 23

told Doug that he wasn’t keeping me interested, so he finally put his arm

Mar. 24

around me! Then Terry said, “Kiss her, kiss her!” So he gave me one little kiss

Mar. 25

on the cheek. Wow. Then it was about near the end when Doug won a beautiful

Mar. 26

sportsmanship trophy. I was so proud of him!

Mar. 27

When it was time to leave we got in his car and went to McDonald’s.

Mar. 28

We ate our food in the car. Then they drove me home. Doug got out and opened

Mar. 29

the door. (Car door.) He didn’t even walk me to my door! That freak!

Mar. 30

After the banquet I was telling everybody that Doug was too shy to do anything!

Mar. 31

This year the banquet was the worst. One out of two, not too bad. Next year I wonder what

Apr. 1

it will be like. Really this is June 29!

Apr. 2

June 29! Summer this year isn’t the best. It’s pretty boring! But this year

Apr. 3

I am starting a whole new career: BABY SITTING! I make 65 cents an hour.

Apr. 4

That’s pretty good for an 11 year old. Plus, I am getting very interested in

Apr. 5

cooking. Every once in awhile I’ll make soup, pancakes, Stir and Frost,

Apr. 6

cookies or something like that! One day my mom was sick and for dinner

Apr. 7

I cooked mashed potatoes and green peas and tea and toast!

Apr. 8

I am in a growing spurt and my brace is getting too little. The doctor is out of town

Apr. 9

and I have to suffer! Sometimes my dad leaves it off me because it needs

April 10

to be five times bigger! But when I leave it off I am still suffering.

[This brings back a vague memory of red rashes right above both hip bones where the body of the cast was digging into my expanding hips.]

Apr. 11

The doctor won’t be back for about a month! Sometimes this crazy world drives me bananas.

April 13

Stop turning world; I want to get off!

April 14

I’m only 11 and I sure have BIG problems. Sometimes I just lie in bed and

April 15

cry about anything and everything. It seems no damn person cares. THAT’S THE PROBLEM!

April 16

Is someone were to sit and talk with me I wouldn’t have all

April 17

these problems! But Daddy works. Momma works and there are always too busy!

April 18

I’m not saying I cry every night, but some nights I go MAD!

April 19

The older I get the more problems I have.

April 20

But sometimes I feel so at peace with myself. It’s not THAT rare. Sometimes I

April 21

just put on an album and go into another world, but usually the phone rings

April 22

or I have to do something. God, it’s aggravating.

April 23

When school starts I hope there are a lot of cute, strong, mature guys

April 24

in my class. I hope a lot of cute, nice, friendly girls get to be in my class.

April 25

Last year, and all the other years before, I’ve noticed that I have been VERY outgoing.

April 26

And plus I had a pretty loud mouth. This year I’m going to see that this will

April 27

all change. I am going to be more quiet, (not too quiet) and be really nice to

April 28

everyone. Then, hopefully I won’t have any enemies. I’m going to be

April 29

mature too. When school starts I’ll tell you if it works.

May 1

We had a great sale at the Windmill the other day.

May 2

I alone made about 55 dollars.

May 3

(Aug. 14) My favorite movie of all time was Grease. So far

May 4

I’ve seen it 2 times and the second time was just as good (or better)

May 5

than the first. And I want to see it again! I’ve already got a Grease album.

May 6

It’s great! It cost 10.47! I paid 7 dollars of it.

May 7

(Aug. 14) I just can’t wait til we go to Florida. Plus I can’t wait for

May 8

school to start. This year I’m going to have a different, but better, personality.

May 9

I’m going to look good; not be a slob. Be more quiet. Not too quiet, but

May 10

not a loud mouth like I used to be. I’m going to be nice and pretty.

May 11

I’m not going to be so straight this year. I’ll be the fox. But I’m not going

May 12

to mess around and kid when I’m supposed to be learning. I’m going to sit

May 13

back and take it easy this year.

May 14

Mother’s Day.

May 15

I keep thinking about all those crazy crushes that all girls get every

May 16

once in awhile. I’m going to be COOL! (In other words.)

May 17

I know the “Saturday Night Fever” dance. Plus the “Staying

May 18

Alive” dance. I really love to dance. I really do.

May 19

No eyes

May 20


May 21

I hate Tina.

May 22

My brother is a bore hole.

May 23

I hate Terry Logan.

May 24

[Responding to the year before when I wrote “You can poot on Craig.”] No, you can’t! I love Craig.

May 25

[In response to going behind the gym to kiss] That was soooo stupid!

May 26

[Regarding kissing the year before] Gosh!

May 27

I love camping.

May 28


May 29

[In response to being in love with Terry.] GROSS.

May 30

Bill King is short!

May 30

Fun in the sun!

June 18

A woo woo! Craig is COOL.

June 23

Just think, this time last summer I was caught for shoplifting. Now no more Penny!

June 24

Next month my family is going to Florida! Finally.

June 25

Ronny [Cook] hasn’t been calling me at all! I don’t think he knows I like him. I do!

June 26

I had a dream that Ronny went on a trip and that’s why he hasn’t been calling me.

June 27

You will never believe it! Ronny went on a trip like in my dream. He called me and told me.

June 28

I believe Ronny still likes me because he called me again after his vacation.

June 29

I went swimming with Missy Vansickle at her friend’s house. It was pretty fun.

June 30

Camping. Chief came. He brought his boat and JET SKI. I did ride on the boat but not the jet ski. [I underlined ‘jet ski” twice.]

July 1

On our camping trip we went swimming a lot. I got a horrible sunburn. It stings!

[This is what happens when no mothers go camping.]

July 2

Today we just got back from our camping trip. I’ll tell you about it on the days [gone camping?]

July 3

Hey, I water skied! The first time up wasn’t two good, but the second

July 4

time up I went about a half mile!

July 12

I think Andy and Barry Gibb are sooooo cute. Donny Osmond got married to Debbie.

July 13

Tonight Kathy Marshall is spending the night. We have fun!

July 15

School starts on the 28th of August. I just can’t wait!

July 16

Today I went swimming over at Kathy’s house to swim. I could of had a better

July 17

time if Kathy wasn’t there.

July 18  1978

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Van. The brace was too small, but they cut the sides out so I can wear it longer. Now I have to wear it from

July 20

about 5:30p til about 8:30a (longer!). I really hate it.

July 21

Now I hate Terry. He is such a baby!

July 22

Coming to Memphis is a play, it’s called “The Wiz.” It’s a musical version of the Wizard of Oz. I want to see it so bad!

July 23

Today at the Windmill I counted inventory. I counted 5, 703 dollars worth!

Aug. 13

We are going to Florida on the 17th! I just can’t wait!

Aug. 14

Today Keith and I went swimming at Debbie’s house. My face is sunburned!

Aug. 28

First day. Kathy is in my class! I can’t believe it! There is this really

Aug. 29

cute guy (new) who sits right next to me. His name is Brent Fulture.

Aug. 30

He’s a little shorter than me, but oh, he’s so cute. Kathy and I both

Aug. 31

just love him. Our teacher is Mr. Lum. He is so nice! He doesn’t

Sept. 1

give homework; only if you didn’t finish your class work. He has a

Sept. 2

paddle about one foot long and one inch wide. On the very first day Jamie

Sept. 3

Manley got 1 lick. Boy! You should see Mr. Lum swing.

Sept. 4

There’s one thing wrong. Nobody (boys) like me. Kathy has asked all the guys

Sept. 5

if they liked me or not and all of them said no. Boys are so foolish.

Sept. 6

If you act like yourself they don’t like ya. What do they expect from

Sept. 7

you? Farrah Fawcett?

Sept. 8

My new personality only stayed with me one day! I’m back to my old self.

Sept. 16

Today all the girls 5th and up were told that all of us would be running

Sept. 17

for homecoming football queen. There would be 3 queens and each queen

Sept. 18

would have 2 princesses! My escort is Terry Logan. Yuck!

Sept. 19

Today everyone voted. Tonight we have rehearsal! Tomorrow night is it!

Sept. 20

I WON! It was so fantastic! I got a crown and seven roses! There were

Sept. 21

a whole bunch of people taking pictures! Everyone was congratulating

Sept. 22

everyone else. My princesses were Robin Martin and Stacy Antrin.

Sept. 23

The next day we went to the homecoming game. We won seven to six. Close.

Sept. 24

We got to ride on a float too! In the elementary our float won! 25$!

Oct. 31

I was going to put off Halloween this year, but I just couldn’t resist

Nov. 1

getting all that candy. I went to the dentist today. Two cavities. First ones. Oh no!

Nov. 5

Craig and Bill came over today! We played kickball with Keith, John, Jason and Dylan. I watched them play football.

Nov. 6

Craig is a living doll! Cuter than ever!

Nov. 7

Craig let me wear his jacket today. He is going to let me wear it tomorrow too!

Nov. 16

Joe Mooney likes me. He is a 7th grader! He asked me who I was going with and I told

Nov. 17

him Craig. Then he walked away. He’s sort of cute.

Nov. 20

My birthday will soon be here.

Nov. 21

Craig and I went on a date. We went to the movies. He put his arm around me.

Nov. 22

For my birthday I got a necklace from Craig that has a “T” on it, a little stuffed

Nov. 23

bear from Cheeto, a purse from Carolyn, money from both grandmas, perfume

Nov. 24

and powder from Debbie, and a pair of boots from Mom. Plus a cake! 12 years!

Nov. 29

Joe Mooney TOLD me I was his girl. He said Craig was a butt.

Nov. 30

Today I got measured for a new brace. It is much larger than before.

Dec. 1

Kathy is spending the night. We had lots of fun!

Dec. 2

At our game today you never would believe, I forgot my bloomers.

Dec. 4

Craig wrote in my notebook “Love always, Craig-n-Tiff” and “love ya!” He’s cute!

Dec. 18

I went to a SUPER Christmas party with Craig! Man, it was fun.

Dec. 19

They had a jukebox stereo, tv games, pool table, organ and piano. We were

Dec. 20

dancing and everything. They even had a bar. I only had a sip of

Dec. 21

wine and played tv games and pool most of the night. I stayed out til 12:00.

Dec. 22

Kathy bugs me so much! She asks so many questions. Man, she is immature.

Dec. 23

Craig invited me to his family Christmas party. I’ll tell ya about it.

Dec. 24

That party was so great! These people are rich! Look at Dec. 19

Dec. 25

Records, cookbook, earring holders, clothes, candy, games and manicure set.

Dec. 28

Kathy got a tv game for Christmas. It’s so fun! Really neat!

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